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W11F Asymmetrical Rolling Machine

W11F Asymmetrical Rolling Machine

W11F asymmetrical rolling machinery (machine) is also called asymmetrical 3-roller bending machine. This bending roll machine is extensively used for thin plate bending and pre-bending in petroleum, chemical, boiler, steel structure, machinery manufacturing and production of various cylindrical barrels. It has three asymmetrical rollers. And this plate rolling machine adopts steel welding structure. The main drive comes from the engagement between the gears of the lower and upper rollers. The side roller makes elevating movement and has preliminary bending and rolling functions.

1. This bending roll machine is characterized by compact structure, easy operation and convenient maintenance.
2. This asymmetrical rolling machinery adopts asymmetrical structure. The upper roller is the main drive and the lower roller makes a vertical movement so as to clamp the plates tightly.
3. What’s more, this bending roll machine employs main electric components from SIEMENS brand, guaranteeing its quality.

After Sale Service
Referring to international standard, defective part of this bending roll machine due to poor quality can be replaced without extra fees within one year. But normal wearing from natural working and negligence of proper maintenance and misuse are excluded.
Delivery Cycle: Within 45 to 60 days after deposit date.

Parameters of this Bending Roll Machine

Model Max. Thick (mm) Max. Width (mm) Yield Strength (mpa) Working Speed (m/min) Min. Work Diameter (mm) Top Roller Diameter (mm) Bottom Roller Diameter (mm) Side Roller Diameter (mm) Main Motor Power (Kw) Side Roller Adjust Motor (Kw )
W11F-3.0 × 1300 3 1300 245 8.1 250 125 125 125 1.5 Without
W11F-2.0 × 1600 2 1600 245 8.1 250 125 125 125 1.5 Without
W11F-3.0 × 2000 2 2000 245 8.1 250 125 125 125 2.2 0.75
W11F-2.0 × 2500 2 2500 245 5.4 250 130 130 130 2.2 0.75
W11F-3.0 × 2500 3 2500 245 5.4 250 135 135 135 2.2 0.75
W11F-4.0 × 2000 4 2000 245 4.0 450 145 145 145 3 1
W11F-6.0 × 2000 6 2000 245 4.0 450 160 160 160 4 1.5

Founded in 2003, Jiangsu Harmonious Eternity International Trade Co., Ltd. is a famous supplier of bending roll machines in China. With 10 years experience on the manufacturer of plate rolling machine, we supply high quality W11H arc down adjusting 3-roller rolling machines, W11S universal plate rolling machine and W11F asymmetrical rolling machinery. To get detailed information about our bending roll machine, please come to our home page, or contact us directly.

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