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Big Spindle Bore Dia. Lathe Machine

Big Spindle Bore Dia. Lathe Machine

Big spindle bore dia. lathe machine is kind of heavy duty horizontal lathe machine. It consists of hardened and ground bed ways, gears, spindles, headstock and safety torque limiting device, etc. Gears in the headstock are precisely ground so as to reduce the noise. The spindle hole is between 103 mm and 165 mm. And the limiting device is set for lead screw and overload clutch for feed rod. What’s more, 3000 mm metal lathes with splash guard can meet more process needs. Big spindle bore dia. lathe machine is suitable for turning internal or external cylindrical surface, conical surface, and end face, etc. with large diameters. It is mainly used to process large-diameter tire moulds and flanges, various valves and pipelines, pressure vessels, screw propeller, steamer machine accessories, plastic moulds, shafts, rotary drums and other work pieces.

1. Big spindle bore dia. lathe machine is of high-quality.
2. Such metal lathes have a spindle system with high rigidity.
3. The lathe machines are equipped with reliable safety devices like footbrake and emergency power-off switch.
4. Big spindle bore dia. lathe machine adopts rapid feed system so as to improve efficiency.
5. Adjustable overload protection device is installed in the feed system.
6. Wide range of feed and pitch are available without changing gears.
7. The metal lathes are simple and safe in operation.
8. Tailstock is equipped with double-locked mechanism and can process smooth and effortless movement.

1. Big spindle bore dia. lathe machine adopts extra rigid one piece floor-type casting structure.
2. A wide range of spindle, feeds and threads can be available.
3. Big swing range is set for various rollers turning.
4. Auto lubrication for headstock, gearbox, apron, and slide way is available.
5. The metal lathes are equipped with 2-stage safety power start-up device and overload power cut system.
6. Auto longitudinal travel device will control the feeding.
7. The tailstock is strong, durable and with double speed.
8. Extra wide saddle with 3rd support endows the machine with super rigidity for heavy turning.

Parameters of Big Spindle Bore Dia. Lathe Machine

CHY/CHYA Series Lathe Technical Parameters
Model CHY61266 CHY61280 CHY61266A CHY61280A

Max. Swing Over Bed 660 mm 800 mm 660 mm 800 mm
Max. Swing Over Cross Slide 435 mm 545 mm 435 mm 545 mm
Max. Swing Over Gap 860 mm 1000 mm 860 mm 1000 mm
Effective Length of Gap 280 mm 280 mm
Center Distance (mm) 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000
Bed Width 400 mm 400 mm

Spindle Hole 103 mm 165 mm
Spindle Nose ISO-C11 or D11 ISO-A15
Spindle Taper Metric 115 mm Metric 175 mm
Spindle Speed (Number) (CCW/18) 9-12756 pm (CW/6) 16-816 rpm (CCW/12) 9-938 rpm (CW/4) 15-578 rpm

Longitudinal Feeds Range 72 Kinds 0.073-4.066 mm/rev 72 Kinds 0.073-4.066 mm/rev
Cross Feeds Range 72 Kinds 0.036 to 2.033 mm/rev 72 Kinds 0.036-2.033 mm/rev
Metric Threads Angle 72 Kinds 0.5 to 112 mm 72 Kinds 0.5-112 mm
Inch Threads Range 72 Kinds 1 /4-56 inch 72 Kinds 1 /4-56 inch
Module Threads Range 36 Kinds 0.5-7 mπ 36 Kinds 0.5-7 mπ
Diametral Threads Range 36 Kinds 4-56 D.P 36 Kinds 4-56 D.P

Max. Travel of Top Slide 110 mm 110 mm
Max. Travel of Cross Slide 325 mm 325 mm
Max. Size of Tool Shank 32 × 32 mm 32 × 32 mm

Dia. of Tailstock Sleeve 90 mm 90 mm
Taper of Tailstock Sleeve MT6 MT6
Max. Travel of Tailstock 150 mm 150 mm

Main Drive Motor 7.5 or 11 Kw 7.5 or 11 Kw
Rapid Traverse Motor 250 W 250 W
Coolant Pump Motor 125 W 125 W
Packing (L × W × H)
  1000 mm 285 × 115 × 185 cm
1500 mm 335 × 115 × 185 cm
2000 mm 385 × 115 × 185 cm
3000 mm 485 × 115 × 185 cm
Weight (N.W/G.W)
  1000 mm 3000/3600 kg 3150/3750 kg 3100/3700 kg 3250/3850 kg
1500 mm 3250/3850 kg 3400/4000 kg 3350/3950 kg 3500/4100 kg
2000 mm 3500/3900 kg 3650/4250 kg 3600/4000 kg 3750/4350 kg
3000 mm 3900/4550 kg 4050/4650 kg 4000/4650 kg 4150/4750 kg

Founded in 2003, Jiangsu Harmonious Eternity International Trade Co., Ltd. is a specialized supplier of metal lathes like big spindle bore dia. lathe machine in China. With 10 years experience in the manufacturer of lathe machines, we supply lathe machinery with high quality and good performance. And the machines we provide is used in a wide variety of applications such as oil country, steel and paper mills, power plants, ship building, mining, textile industries, woodworking, automobile, electrical and construction, etc. To get detailed information about big spindle bore dia. lathe machine, please come to our home page, or contact us directly.

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