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Boring Machine

  • Horizontal Boring Machine
  • Horizontal Boring Machine
    A horizontal boring machine, also known as horizontal boring mill, is designed for boring holes. It is applicable for drilling, boring, lathing and milling. The machine adopts rectangular guide ways, radial tool holder of facing head and head for radial machining. The horizontal boring mahcine has its work spindle parallel to the ground and work table. Typically, there are thre...
  • Vertical Boring Machine
  • Vertical Boring Machine
    Vertical boring machine, also known as vertical boring mill, is mainly used to bore high accurate holes of cylinder and engine sleeve and other accurate holes. Both rotation and feed of the spindle are realized by frequent and stepless speed-adjustment, and the range of speed-adjustment is wide. The spindle feed and rapid movement may be converted rapidly by regulation resistanc...
  • Floor Boring Machine
  • Floor Boring Machine
    Floor boring machine, also known as floor boring mill machine, is suitable for rough machining and force cutting. It is widely used for boring holes, drilling holes, milling and cutting in the fields of metallurgical, energy sources, electric power, mine, engineering mechanism, and military engineering industry, ship-building. The spindle of floor boring machine adopts high-acc...

Boring machinery, also known as boring mill, employs boring cutter to machine work pieces with prefabricated holes. Usually, the rotary motion is the main movement. The shift of boring cutter or work pieces is kind of feeding movement. This bore machine is mainly used to process high precision holes or conduct machining numerous holes with high accuracy. Boring machinery is the main equipment of large body parts processing, cylindrical screw thread processing and precision end face processing, etc. Equipped with different cutters and accessories, the boring mill can drill, mill and cut, etc. Such machines cut the inside of a bore to enlarge its diameter. They are developed to make a bore in the shortest time and produce the highest possible surface finish and tolerances. Also, this boring machinery is armed with a single cutting tip of steel, cemented carbide, or diamond or may be a small grinding wheel. Single-point tools, gripped in a boring head attached to a rotating spindle, are moved circularly against the sides of the existing holes. The diameter of the hole swept out by the tool is controlled by adjustment of the boring head.

Horizontal type is kind of boring mill designed primarily for machining bores in various kinds of machine bodies and gearboxes.
Vertical model is mainly used to bore high accurate holes of cylinder and engine sleeve and other accurate holes.
Floor pattern is kind of boring machinery suitable for rough machining and force cutting.

Design Features
1. Boring mill is equipped with slot hole boring. Such boring is representative for its box parts with shaft hole. It is one of the most important parts during metal processing procedure.
2. The turning around of boring machinery is affected by coaxial error of switching boring and its compensation. The work table can be rotated 180°.
3. The longitudinal location of the stand column and tool position are reasonably determined on the bring machinery.

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