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Boring Machines

Boring Machines

Connecting rod boring machine, also known as con-rod bushing machine, is a kind of machine tool applicable for producing smooth and accurate holes in a work piece by enlarging existing holes with a cutting tool. It may bear a single tip of steel, cemented carbide, or diamond or maybe a small grinding wheel. The hole’s diameter is controlled by adjusting the boring head. Bored holes are more accurate in roundness, concentricity, and parallelism than drilled holes. Connecting rod boring machines used in tool making shops have a vertical spindle and a work-holding table that moves horizontally in two perpendicular directions so that holes can be accurately spaced. In mass-production plants, rod boring machinery with multiple spindles is common.

This connecting rod boring machine includes several models.
1. T8210D
This rod boring machinery is used in boring rod and bushing hole (rod bushing and copper bush) of diesel and gasoline engine of automobiles and tractors. In case of necessity, rod bushing seat hole can be completed after changing the corresponding clamps. Besides, it has the accessories for boring tool and boring micro-adjustment, etc. This connecting rod boring machine features good performance, better structure and high accuracy. Such rod boring machine can also be customized.
2. TM8216 Con-Boring and Grinding Machine
This connecting rod boring machine model is mainly applied to bore and grind bearing holes (including copper and connecting-rod tile) on connecting-rod of gasoline and diesel engine in automobile, tractor and other power sources. Customers also can carry out fine boring or grinding process to connecting-rod bearing seat of deformed work piece, after grinding combining surface, to ensure the parallels of two center lines.
3. T8108 Line Boring Machine for Cylinder Head Sand Blocks
Main Application and Suitable Scope
The connecting rod boring tool is mainly suitable for boring and repairing of the master shaft bushing and cam bushing of engine for automobile and tractor, etc. In the repair units and service,  
Shops are engaged vehicle repair and maintenance work.
4. T8014A.and T8016A Rod Boring Machinery
The connecting rod boring machine is mainly used for re-boring engine cylinders of automobiles motor cycles and tractors.
5. T806, T806A, T807 and T807K
The machine is mainly utilized for re boring engine cylinders of automobiles motor cycles and small tractors.
Packaging: Veneer case

Parameters of T8210D Connecting Rod Boring Machine

Model T8210D
Bred Hole Diameter 16 to 100
Distance between Rod 2-Hole Centers 100 to 425
Work Table Travel 220
Main Shaft Speed 350, 530, 780, 1180
Boring Rod Diameter 14, 16, 24, 40
Main Motor Power 0.65/0.85
Dimensions 1150 × 570 × 1710

Parameters of TM 8216 Connecting Rod Boring Machine

Main Parameter
Range of Hole Diameter to be Bored Φ40 to Φ160 mm
Range of Hole Diameter to be Gimped Φ50 to Φ160 mm
Range of 2 Rod Hole Centers Distance 250 to 650 mm
Longitudinal Travel of Worktable 450 mm
Boring Head Motor 0.55/0.75 Kw
Grinding Head Rotation/Revolution Motor 0.55/0.37 Kw
Hydraulic System Motor 0.55 kW
Outline Dimension (L × W × H) 1700 × 1300 × 1800
Net Weight 1200 kg

Parameters of T1808 Connecting Rod Boring Machine

Model T8108
Shift Φ 32 × 980, Φ 20 × 900
Boring Range Φ 24 to Φ85
Distance between Hover Block and Shaft Center 45 to 295
Max Moving Length of Shaft 100
Main Cylinder Rotating Speed 580, 272
Supply Quantity of Shaft 0
Ex-Size 1620 × 700 × 1370
Packing Size 1720 × 820 × 1570
Main Weight 800 kg

Parameters of T8014A and T8016A Connecting Rod Boring Machine

Model T8014A T8016A
Boring Diameter (mm) 65-140 80-165
Max Boring Depth (mm) 300 400
Spindle Speed (r/min) 250,380 200,300
Spindle Feed (mm/r) 0.11 0.12
Spindle Quick Reset (mm/min) 636 780
Voltage (V) 220 380 220 380
Power (kW) 0.25 0.37 0.25 0.37
Motor Speed (r/min) 1440 1440
Machine Weight (kg) 62 87
Overall Dimensions (mm) 320 × 330 × 850 360 × 345 × 1100

Parameters of T806, T806A, T807, T807K Connecting Rod Boring Machine

Model T806 T806A T807 T807K
Boring Diameter Φ 39 to Φ 60 mm Φ 45 to Φ 80 mm Φ 39 to Φ 70 mm Φ 39 to Φ 80 mm
Max Boring Depth 160 mm 170 mm 160 mm 170 mm
Spindle Speed 486 r/min 486 r/min 486 r/min 486 r/min
Spindle Feed 0.09 min/r 0.09 min/r 0.09 min/r 0.09 min/r
Spindle Quick Reset Manual Manual Manual Manual
Voltage 220V/380V 220V/380V 220V/380V 220V/380V
Motor Power 0.25 kW 0.25 kW 0.25 kW 0.25 kW
Motor Speed 1440 r/min 1440 r/min 1440 r/min 1440 r/min
Overall Dimensions 330 × 400 × 1080 mm 330 × 400 × 1080 mm 330 × 400 × 1080 mm 330 × 400 × 1080 mm
Weight 80 kg 85 kg 81 kg 85 kg

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