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CD-C Lathe Machine

CD-C Lathe Machine

CD-C lathe machine has an oversized spindle of 80 mm. The main spindle is dynamically balanced and supported at two points by taper roller bearing of Harbin brand. With super-audio frequency, the gapped bed ways are reinforced (HB450 plus). Automatic feed stopper is installed in CD-C lathe machine. And all gears are hardened and ground by Reishauer grinding machine. Lead screw and feed rod of this CNC metal lathes of high accuracy are interlocked both with overload protection.
Such CNC lathes are adopted in a wide variety of applications such as oil country, steel and paper mills, power plants, ship building, mining, textile industries, woodworking, automobile, electrical, and construction, etc.

Main Components Machine and Systems
Metric or inch system, right or left hand wheel, halogen lamp, quick change, tool post, DRP,  T-slot compound, chuck guard, leads crew hood, rapid traverse motor, electromagnetic brake and forced lubrication system.

Main Features
1. CD-C lathe machine features high speed, high spindle torque and big spindle bore.
2. These CNC metal lathes of high accuracy are characterized by automatic forced lubrication hardened ground guide way.
3. The design exterior of CD-C lathe machine is brand new.
4. The head stock is equipped with mechanical clutch or electromagnetic clutch.

1. CD-C lathe machine is of high efficiency, high accuracy and low noise.
2. The electric system is safe and reliable.
3. The metal laths are easy to operate.
4. The color of CD-C lathe machine can be customized.


Item Model CD6136C
Capacities Max. Swing Over Bed (mm) 360 400 360 500 600
Max. Swing Over Cross Slide (mm) 185 225 285 325 425
Max. Swing in Gap (mm) 490 530 580 630 730
Center Distance (mm) 750, 1000, 1500, 2000
Cross Slide Travel (mm) 330 380
Spindle Spindle Hole (mm) 80
Spindle Nose ISO-C8 or ISO-D8
Spindle Taper (mm) Metric 85
Spindle Speeds 24 to 1600 rpm (15 Steps)
Feeds Metric Threads Range (Kinds) 0.5 to 28 mm (66 Kinds)
Inch Threads Range (Kinds) 1 to 56 tpi (66 Kinds)
Module Threads Range (Kinds) 0.5 to 3.5 mm (33 Kinds)
Diametral Threads Range (Kinds) 8 to 56 tpi (33 Kinds)
Tailstock Spindle Diameter (mm) 65 75
Spindle Taper Morse No. 5
Spindle Travel (mm) 120
Main Motor 5.5 Kw or 7.75 Kw 7.5 Kw
Net Weight Gross weight 1000 mm 1520/2170 kg 1640/2250 kg 1680/2330 kg 1700/2350 kg 1800/2500 kg
1500 mm 1750/2390 kg 1850/2250 kg 1890/2590 kg 1910/2610 kg 2010/2760 kg
2000 mm 2090/2860 kg 2130/2880 kg 2150/2920 kg 2250/3070 kg
Packing Size
(L × W × D)
1000 mm 2460 × 1150 × 1800 mm
1500 mm 2950 × 1150 × 1800 mm
2000 mm 3460 × 1150 × 1800 mm
Jiangsu Harmonious Eternity International Trade Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of CNC metal lathes of high accuracy in China. The lathe machines we provide are of high efficiency. Different types are available, like CNC lathes, CW6636 oil pipe lathes and CD-C lathe machines, etc. And CD-C type has good reputation in this line and popular with customers in domestic and foreign markets.

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