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CNC Lathe Machine

CNC Lathe Machine

CNC lathe machine can performance internal and external cylindrical turning, arc turning, facing and threading. This metal lathe is suitable for large number machining as well as medium and small number production, especially for complicated and high accuracy work pieces such as auto parts, valves and other similar parts.
CNC lathe machine adopts Japanese MITSUBISH or FANUC control system and servo motors. With 8-station hydraulic tool post, this metal lathe can select the nearest tool. An automatic timely lubrication device is mounted on CNC lathe machine. Besides, it is also equipped with a stainless steel inner protection and a totally sealed outside protection device.

Characteristics of CK Series
1. CNC lathe machine is easy and convenient in operation. It is made from high speed and precision lathe of LED-R series imported from Japan. Also, this metal lathe adopts the KNDITBLL system, DTM-5T system.
2. CNC Lathe Machine is lower in noise and vibration, large in diameter and good in rigidity. The main shaft is controlled in continuous change type. In addition, the CNC lathes can make sure a good lubrication with an automatic lubricating system.
3. With a larger gauge, the rails are good at the stable movement and anti-vibration, fast cutting and machining precision.

Common Features
1. CNC lathe machine is of high precision and good performance-price ratio.
2. Metal lathe has a special and beautiful modeling.
3. The CNC lathes can process cutting for complexly shaped parts with high speed, precision and high efficiency.
4. The high grade cast iron bed, slant rails and high precision cartridge type spindle are employed and designed to damp vibration.
5. Different control and parts can be combined according to customers’ requirement.
Packaging: Wooden Case

Parameters of CNC Lathe Machine

Items Units SK 40P SK 50P
Capacity Max. Swing Dia. Over Bed mm Φ 400 Φ 500
Max. Swing Dia. Over Carriage mm Φ 200 Φ 280
Max. Turning Diameter mm Φ 400/Φ 350* Φ 500/Φ 350*
Distance between Centers mm 710/960/1460/1960 (620/870/1370/1870)
Max. Turning Length mm 570/820/1320/1820 (500/750/1250/1750)
Spindle Type of Spindle Nose ISO 702/Ⅱ D8 Short-Taper Cam-Locking Type
Spindle Bore Diameter mm Φ77
Spindle Speed r.p.m. 3-Step; 21-1620, H: 162-1620, M: 66-660 L: 21-210
Max. Torque of Spindle N.m 800
Spindle Drive Motor Power (Continuous or 30 Minutes) kW 7.5
Tailstock Quill Diameter mm Φ 75
Quill Travel mm 150
Tailstock Quill Taper Morse No.5
Turret X/Z Rapid Traverse Rate m/min 6/12
Number of Tool Stations 4 (6 Option)
Tool Section mm 25 × 25
X Travel mm 300
Z Travel mm 650/900/1400/1900
Others Dimensions (L) mm 2250/2500/3000/3500
(W) mm 1370
(H) mm 1690
Package Dimensions (L × W × H) mm 2550/2800/3300/3800 × 1920 × 2200
Net Weight kg 2050/2100/2150/2200 2100/2150/2200/2260

Parameters of CK Series CNC Lathe Machine

Items Units CK 40 CK 50
Capacity Max. Swing Diameter Over Bed mm Φ 400 Φ 500
Max. Swing Dia. Over Slide mm Φ 260 Φ 320
Turning Dia. /Length mm Φ 165/400 Φ 210/530
Max. Turning Diameter mm Φ 285 Φ 370
Max. Bar Diameter mm Φ 42 Φ 51
Spindle Hydraulic Chuck Dia. mm Φ 165 Φ 210
Type of Spindle Nose A2-5 (GB/T5900.1) A2-6(GB/T5900.1)
Spindle Bore Diameter mm Φ 57 Φ 62
Spindle Bearing (Front/Rear) mm Φ 90/Φ 80 Φ 100/Φ 90
Spindle Speeds r/min 50 to 3000 45 to 2250
Spindle Motor Power kW 7.5 15
Tailstock Quill Diameter/ Travel mm Φ 70/80 Φ 90/100
Taper Hole of Quill MT No. 4 5
Carriage Slant Angle deg 45° 45°
X/Z-Axis Travel mm 165/410 210/550
Rapid Traverse Rate X/Z m/min 12/16 12/16
Servo Motor Torque X/Z nm 11/20 11/20
X/Z-Axis Screw Dia. mm Φ 28/Φ 40 Φ 28/Φ 40
Turret Number of Turret Station 8/12 8/12
Tool Size (Turning/Boring) mm 20 × 20/Φ 32 25 × 25/Φ 40
Other Power Source kVA 35 35
Dimensions (L × W × H) mm 2540 × 1670 × 1660 3060 × 1810 × 1850
Total Weight kg 3000 4500

Established in 2003, Jiangsu Harmonious Eternity International Trade Co., Ltd. is a specialized supplier of metal lathe machine. With 10 years experience on the manufacturer of CNC lathe machine, we supply high quality CNC lathes used ina wide variety of applications such as oil country, steel and paper mills, power plants, ship building, mining, textile industries, woodworking, automobile, electrical and construction, etc. To get detailed information about CNC lathe machine, please come to our home page, or contact us directly.

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