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CNC Press Brake

  • WC67K CNC Torque Synchro Hydraulic Press Brake
  • WC67K CNC Torque Synchro Hydraulic Press Brake
    WC67K CNC torque synchro hydraulic press brake is a type of CNC sheet bending machine. It is widely used in metal forming industry. It can bend different work pieces conforming to different angles of moulds with high precision and efficiency. In order to maintain synchronization, steel torsion bar is installed in WC67K CNC torque synchro hydraulic press brake. Besides, this CNC...
  • WE67K CNC Electro Hydraulic Synchronization Press Brake
  • WE67K CNC Electro Hydraulic Synchronization Press Brake
    WE67K CNC electro hydraulic synchronization press brake is a model of CNC sheet metal bending machine. It is in streamlined design. This sheet forming machine adopts electro hydraulic servo system and full closed loop control slider synchronization. Such press brake can bend sheets into different shapes according to different moulds. And CNC electro hydraulic synchronization pr...
  • W62K CNC Hydraulic Folder
  • W62K CNC Hydraulic Folder
    W62K CNC hydraulic folder is durable in use, rigid and difficult to deform.It consumes low energy and is easy to maintain.This CNC hydraulic folding machine is equipped with side safety fence and photoelectrical guards. The clamping and bending beam is operated hydraulically.This CNC hydraulic folder owns section clampers. And these section clampers are suitable for producing d...
  • CNC Tandem Press Brake
  • CNC Tandem Press Brake
    CNC tandem press brake consists of two sets of press brakes of the same type. And it is equipped with duple linked synchronous device. The two machines can be used together for processing large work pieces, and they can also be operated individually. And this can therefore improve productivity. This CNC tandem press brake is mainly designed and used for light pole and power pol...

CNC press brake is an electro-hydraulic synchronized double-cylinder CNC metal bending machine. It can bend different work pieces according to different angles of moulds with high precision and efficiency. Such bending machine is mainly used in metal forming industry.
CNC press brake controls positioning system, block bending depth and automatic compensation for workbench deformation through CNC system. And the CNC system controls the electro-hydraulic ratio direction valve. CNC press brake can realize bending depth full closed-loop digital control through the grating feedback.
The subclass products of CNC metal bending machine include WC67K, WE67K, W62K, CNC Tandem press brake.

1.This CNC bending plate bending machine makes good use of steel welded structure and relieves its stress through vibration and endows CNC press brake with high strength and good rigidity.
2.Such press brake is driven by hydraulic power.
3.CNC metal bending machine can save a lot of energy and generates low noise.
4.The electronic-hydraulic proportional servo synchronization makes arbitrary point control during stroke.
5.The lower workbench adopts deflection compensation cylinder, the upper mould is equipped with deflection compensation agency, or the lower workbench is installed with manual or automatic deflection compensation device.
6.CNC metal bending machine (CNC press brake) is featured in small geometric tolerance and high precision. When the rack eliminates stress, the whole machine finishes single clamping processing.

Competitive Advantages
1. Competitive Price
We have two factories and one international company. The two factories are located in the most developed economic area in China and are close to Shanghai seaport, this saves our cost in transportation. With one international company, we can export our products like CNC press brake directly to foreign markets.
2. Good Quality
Famous brand of hydraulic and electric parts are adopted. CNC press brake is equipped with computer system from Netherlands Delem Company. Grating, hydraulic system and servo motor are imported as well.
3. Honest and Guaranteed After Sale Service
According to international standard, defective part of CNC press brake due to poor quality can be replaced without extra fees within one year. But normal wearing from natural working and negligence of proper maintenance and misuse are excluding.

1. Please clarify the strength, thickness and length of the steel plate so as to select the suitable CNC press brake.
2. Please indicate required CNC function so as to designate CNC system, such as E200, DA41, DA52, DA56, DA65 or other type CNC system.

Certification: ISO9001
Delivery Time: Within 45 to 60 days after deposit date.
Maintenance: Regular maintenance, change hydraulic oil timely.

Established in 2003, Jiangsu Harmonious Eternity International Trade Co., Ltd. is a metal bending machine manufacturer with ten years experience. We are specialized in metal forming machine, hydraulic bending machinery and shearing machine and so on. Domestic and international clients will be warmly welcomed if we can become your CNC press brake (CNC metal bending machine) provider, we will be much honored.