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CNC Shearing Machine

  • QC11K CNC Hydraulic Shearing Machine
  • QC11K CNC Hydraulic Shearing Machine
    QC11K CNC hydraulic plate shearing machine is driven by hydraulic power. This hydraulic shear consists of CNC control system, E200 or DAC310 CNC swing arm control panel, ball screw and servo motor, hydraulic pump from China top brand KEXIAN, hydraulic valve from HUADE brand, main electric components from SIEMENS and hydraulic tube connector from PARKER, USA. CNC system controls...
  • QC12K CNC Swing Beam Shearing Machine
  • QC12K CNC Swing Beam Shearing Machine
    QC12K CNC swing beam shearing machine is a kind of metal forming machine. The plate shears are mainly used for cutting metal plate with high precision and high efficiency. This shearing machine is composed by several main parts, such as CNC system, E200 or DAC310E CNC swing arm control panel, ball screw and servo, hydraulic pump, hydraulic valves, and hydraulic tube connector a...

CNC shearing machine, also known as CNC plate shears or guillotine shear, is hydraulically powered. The shearing machine employs series of digital demand to control one or more hydraulic plate shearing machine. CNC hydraulic shearing machine makes use of general or special-purpose computer to realize digital process control. CNC shearing machine usually control switching value like mechanical value and mechanical energy flow. The guillotine shear adopts CNC control system so the machine can cut metal plate with high precision and high efficiency. This CNC plate shears is widely used for cutting and forming metals in metal forming industry.

Main Performance
1.CNC shearing machine adopts high quality steel welding structure.
2.Special alloy steel blade is employed so that the CNC plate shears have a long working life.
3.Main electric parts are from SIEMENS or SCHNEIDER. Hydraulic valves are from OMEGA, USA or other famous brand. And hydraulic connector is from PARKER, USA.

1.CNC shearing machine uses welded-steel plate construction and adopts hydraulic transmission. CNC plate shears realize the return stroke by energy accumulator. In addition, this guillotine shear is easy to operate and is of good performance.
2.The indicator directs gap adjustment between cutting edges in a handy and rapid method.
3.CNC shearing machine is equipped with a lighting device on the line and can realize stepless adjustment of the tool carrier itinerary.
4.CNC plate shears are equipped with fence type personal safety protection device.
5.Digital display device is also adopted so as to show the sizes of back stopper and shearing numbers.

1.New Technical Patent
2.Competitive Price
3.Good Quality
4.Honest after Sale Service

Attention before Purchasing CNC Shearing Machine
1.Please clarify the metal strength, thickness and length.
2.Please describe clearly what kind of CNC system is required.

Subclass Products of CNC Plate Shears
CNC shearing machine has two subclass products:
1.CNC swing beam hydraulic shearing machine, a piece of equipment used to cut middle and thin metal.
2.CNC Guillotine shearing machine, a sort of forming machinery used to cut middle and thick metal.

Certification: ISO9001
Maintenance: Regular maintenance and change hydraulic oil timely.
Payments: L/C at sight or TT

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