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CS Lathe Machine

CS Lathe Machine

CS metal lathes are kind of horizontal lathe. They can conduct internal and external turning, taper turning, end face turning, and other rotary parts turning. CS lathe machine also can be employed for cutting, drilling, boring and groove broaching shaped metal materials. What’s more, the CS lathes can make high speed, precision and high efficiency cutting for complexly shaped parts. 8-station hydraulic tool post is employed to select the nearest tool. The metal lathes are equipped with automatic timely lubrication devices as well. Besides, such CS lathe machine has a stainless steel inner protection and a totally sealed outside protection.

1. CS metal lathes are characterized by high rigidity, reliable structure for heavy-duty machining and easy operation.
2. CS lathe machine has a special and beautiful modeling.
3. The spindle is supported by precision roller bearings.
4. Head stock gears are made of high quality steel.
5. It is easy to operate the speed change levers.
6. Removable gap is provided for larger diameter work.
7. Gear box is easy to operate. And it has various feeding and thread cutting function.
8. Whole or segregate foot stand is for optional.
9. Respectively equipped with through-hole spindle bore, bar stocks can be held in larger diameters.
10. Different control and parts can be combined according to customers’ requirement.

Quality Assurance
Every step of the operation is based on a well defined quality management system (QMS). We have an excellent quality assurance division that is managed by highly skilled professionals. These skilled professionals ensure flawless products like metal lathes, lathe milling machine and special purpose machines.


Specifications Units CS6240 CS6250/B CS6266/B CQ6280B CS6250C CS6266C CQ6280C
Capacity Max. Swing Dia. Over Bed mm Φ 400 Φ 500 Φ 660 Φ 800 Φ 500 Φ 660 Φ 800
Max. Swing Dia. in Gap mm Φ 630 Φ 710 Φ 870 Φ 1000 Φ 710 Φ 870 Φ 1000
Max. Swing Dia. Over Slides mm Φ 220 Φ 300 Φ 420 Φ 560 Φ 300 Φ 420 Φ 560
Max. Work Piece Length mm 750/1000/1500/2000/3000 1000/1500
2000/3000 1000/1500
Spindle Spindle Bore Diameter mm Φ 52 Φ 82 Φ82 Φ 105
Type of Spindle Nose No CS6240:ISO 702/III No.6 Bayonet Lock Others: ISO 702/II No.8 Com-Lock Type
Spindle Speed rpm 24 Steps 9 to 1600 24 Steps
8 to 1400
12 Steps
36 to 1600
12 Steps
30 to 1400
Spindle Motor Power Kw 7.5
Tailstock Diameter of Quill mm Φ 75 Φ 90 Φ 90
Max. travel of Quill mm 150
Taper of Quill (Morse) MT 5
Turret Tool O.D. Size mm 25 × 25
Feed Max. X Travel mm 145
Max. Z Travel mm 320 310 320
X Feed Range mm/r 93 Kinds 0.028 to 6.43 65 Kinds 0.063 to 2.52
Z Feed Range mm/r 93 Kinds 0.012 to 2.73 65 Kinds 0.027 to 1.07
Metric Threads mm 48 Kinds 0.5 to 224 22 Kinds 1 to 14
Inch Threads tpi 48 Kinds 72 to 1/4 25 Kinds 28 to 2
Module Threads Π mm 42 Kinds 0.5 to 112 18 Kinds 0.5 7
Diametric Pitch Threads tpi π 42 Kinds 56-1/4 24 Kinds 56-4
Other Cooling Pump Motor Power Kw 0.06
Length mm 2382/2632/3132/3632/4632 2632/3132
3365/4365 2632/3132
Width mm 975 1050 1340 975 1340
Height mm 1230 1350 1430 1270 1450 1490
Weight kg 1795/2050
3300/3700 2100/2300
Jiangsu Harmonious Eternity International Trade Co., Ltd. is specialized the manufacture of metal lathes in China. The machines we provide include CNC lathes, CW6636 oil pipe lathe, CS lathe machine and CD-B model, etc. We are a leading organization, engaged in manufacturing highly operational metal lathe machinery. With over 10 years experience, our metal lathes have been exported to more than 40 countries or regions such as German, USA, Canada, UK, Poland, Spain, Netherlands, Denmark, Greece and Australia and some other countries and regions.

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