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CW-L Heavy Duty Lathe Machine

CW-L Heavy Duty Lathe Machine

Metal lathes are used to turn end-faces, cylindrical surfaces and internal holes of various parts as well as metric, inch, module and pitch threads. The top slides can be operated individually by power for cutting short taper surface. And the taper also can be turned automatically through the compound movement of longitudinal feeding and the top slide feeding movement. Moreover, the lathe machines can be applicable for drilling, boring and tapering in power plants, ship building, mining, textile industries, woodworking, automobile, electrical and construction, etc. In addition, the metal lathes are useful for production oriented users.

1. These lathe machines are characterized by high chip cutting power, high precision and universality.
2. This CW-L heavy duty lathe machinery also features strong power, high spindle speed and high rigidity.
3. The metal lathes adopt the latest technology, so the lathe machines we provide conform to international standard.
4. We provide various metal lathes with different heights, widths and other specifications so as to suit the demands of industrial clients.
5. Our heavy duty lathe machines are flawless in quality and capable of working under extreme conditions.


Main Specification Model
CW61125L CW61140L CW61160L CW61180L CW61190L
Working Range Max. Swing over Bed (mm) 1250 1400 1600 1800 1900
Max. Swing over Slide (mm) 880 1030 1230 1400 1500
Bed Width (mm) 1100
Max. Work Piece Length (mm) 1000 to 8000
Main Spindle Main Spindle Nose A15
Main Spindle bore 130 mm
Main Spindle Taper Metric 140# 
Main Spindle Speed 3.15-315 r/min 21 Steps
Feeding Portrait Feed 0.12-12 mm/r 56 Kinds
Cross Feed 0.05-6 mm/r 56 Kinds
Metric Screw Range 1-120 mm 44 Kinds
Inch Screw Range 3/8-28 teeth/inch 31 Kinds
Mould Screw Range 0.5-60 mm 45 Kinds
Pathway Screw Range 1-56 teeth/inch   25 Kinds
Tail Tail Taper Metric 80#
Tail Stroke 200 mm
Tail Sleeve Diameter 260 mm
Motor Main Motor 30 Kw
Rapid Movement Motor 1.5 Kw
Coolant Motor 0.125 Kw

Jiangsu Harmonious Eternity International Trade Co., Ltd. is a specialized provider of machinery and equipment in China. The machines we provide include metal lathes, lathe machines, CW-L heavy duty lathe machinery and CNC lathes and more. With over 10 years experience, our products have been exported to more than 40 countries or regions such as German, USA, Canada, UK, Poland, Spain, Netherlands, Denmark, Greece and Australia and some other countries and regions. For detailed information about metal lathes, please visit our website and contact us directly.

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