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CW6636 Oil Pipe Lathe Machine

CW6636 Oil Pipe Lathe Machine

CW6636 oil pipe lathe machine is ideal medium-type mechanical machine equipment, mainly suitable for turning pipe ends, taper pipe thread, pipe band, pipe sleeve, rod drilling and so on. Such metal lathes are controlled by semi-closed circle controlling systems. The CW oil pipe lathes can be applicable for the turning of cylindrical and conical threads, and threads connected continuously by them, and end face threads as well. Besides, CW6636 oil pipe lathe machine has the function of automatic tool compensation. Rough-turned piece circle, thread-cutting circle, slotting circle, and absolute zero can be set at your will. And these metal lathes are suitable for verified work pieces’ machining in medium and small batches.

1. CW6636 oil pipe lathe machine is characterized by big power, good rigidity, high accuracy and excellent performance.
2. The metal lathes are flexible.
3. CW oil pipe lathes feature high efficiency and good conformity.
4. CW6636 oil pipe lathe machine is easy to program and simple to operate.


Name CW 6636 CKW6646 CW6663
Max. Swing over Bed ¢ 1000 mm ¢ 1200 mm ¢ 1400 mm
Max. Swing over Turret ¢ 640 mm ¢ 800 mm ¢ 1100 mm
Spindle Bore ¢ 360 mm ¢ 460 mm ¢ 635 mm
Range of Spindle Speed 6.3 to 315 rpm 6.3 to 315 rpm 5 to 250 rpm
Chuck Diameter ¢ 1000 mm ¢ 1000 mm ¢ 1250 mm
MIN. Clamping Diameter of Chuck ¢ 240 ¢ 260 ¢ 500
Metric Thread 44 1-120 mm
Width 37 30-11/8 Teeth
Module Threads 46 0.5-60 mm
Diametrical Thread 46 0.5-60 D.P
Rapid Traverse of Turret 3740 mm/min 1870 mm/min
  935 mm/min
Max. Machining Length of Taper Scale 300 mm
Turning Taper ± 1:4
Diameter of Tailstock Sleeve ¢160 mm
Power of Main Motor 22 Kw 22 Kw 30 Kw

Jiangsu Harmonious Eternity International Trade Co., Ltd. is a specialized supplier of machinery and equipment in China. The machines we provide include CNC lathe machine, CW6636 oil pipe lathe machine, metal lathes and CNC lathes, etc. With over 10 years experience, our products have been exported to more than 40 countries and regions such as German, USA, Canada, UK, Poland, Spain, Netherlands, Denmark, Greece and Australia and some other countries and regions. For detailed information about oil pipe lathe machine, please visit our website and contact us directly.

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