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Conventional Gear Hobbing Machine

Conventional Gear Hobbing Machine

Conventional gear hobbing machinery is applicable for hobbing spur and helical gears as well as worm wheels. This machine tool is especially suitable for batch production in automotive, tractor, motorcycle and gear manufacturing industries.
The conventional gear hobbing machinery permits cutting by climbing hobbing method, and this method raises the productivity of the machines. A rapid traverse device of hob slide and an automatic shop mechanism are mounted on the conventional gear hobbing machinery and this allows for several machines to be handled by one operator. This machine tool can be subdivided into different types, such as Y3150E and YB3180, Y3150 and Y3150 conventional gear hobbing machinery.

1. Conventional gear hobbing machinery features high precision, good rigidness and small thermal deformation.
2. This hobbing machine is characterized by easy operation, and convenient maintenance.
3. The conventional gear hobbing machine enables high-speed cutting and load cutting, with very high production efficiency.
4. The hobbing machine for gear hobbing is convenient for adjustment, with auto stop mechanism, as well as reliable safe mechanism and auto lubrication system.
5. We provide conventional gear hobbing machine with competitive price.

Parameters of Y3150E and YB3180

Items Y3150E YB3180
Max. Diameter of Work Piece (mm) 500 800
Max. Module of Work Piece (mm) 8 10
Max. Width of Work Piece (mm) 250 300
Min. Teeth of Work Piece Zmin/knt = 5 Zmin/knt = 8
Max. Diameter of Cutters (mm) 160 180
Max. Length of Cutters (mm) 160 180
Diameter of Shaft of Changeable Cutters (mm) 22, 27, C32 22, 27, 32, 40
Max. Rotary Angle of Head Stock (Degree) 240 60
Max. Axial Shift Length of Cutter (mm) 56 60
Distance between Axis of Work Piece and Axis of Cutter (mm)

Max. 320 mm
Min. 30 mm

Max. 550 mm
Min. 50 mm

Distance between Table and Axis of Cutter (mm)

Max. 505
Min. 235 mm

Max. 585 mm
Min. 235 mm

Distance between Table and Rear Bearing Post (mm)

Max. 830 mm
Min. 380 mm

Max. 600 mm
Min. 400 mm

Diameter of Mandrel of Work Piece (mm) 30 mm 35 mm
Step Number and Ranger of Spindle Speed 9 Steps 8 Steps
Range of Axial Step 40 to 260 r.p.m. 40 to 200 r.p.m.
Over Dimension (L × W × H) 2439 × 1272 × 1770 2765 × 1420 × 1850
Weight (kg) 4300 5500

Parameters of Y3150 Conventional Gear Hobbing Machine   

Max. Diameter of Work Piece to be Cut
Max. Cutting Module

Sliding Plate Stoke of Tool Carriage
Max. Screwed Angle(Left, Right)
Max. Diameter of Hob
Hob Arbor Diameters
Hole Diameter of Work Bench
Grade of Hob Main Axis Spindle Speed
Range of Main Axis Spindle Speed
Main Motor Power
Main Motor Speed
Cooling Motor Power
Cooling Motor Speed
Overall Dimensions
Gross Weight
Packing Dimensions


Cast Iron 6
Steel 5
22, 27, 32
50 to 275
1825 × 960 × 1730
2260 × 1100 × 2060

Parameters of Y3150 Conventional Gear Hobbing Machine    

Max Cutting Mould Steel 6 mm
Cast Iron 8 mm
Max Diameter of Milling Round Column of Straight Tooth With Support 450 mm
Without Support 800 mm
Max Diameter of Milling Round of Spiral Gear (When Helical Angel is 30°) 500 mm
(When Helical Angle is 60 °) 190 mm
Max Distance between Milling Cutter Arbor and Tooth Germ Line 500 mm
Min Distance between Milling Cutter Arbor and Tooth Germ Line (Do not Discharge Tool Post’s Slide Shield and Pin) 80 mm
Discharge Tool Post’s Slide Shield and Pin 55 mm
Max Vertical Travel Length of Discharge Cutter 275 mm
Min Distance from Worktable to Milling Cutter Arbor Line 195 mm
Max Diameter of Milling Cutter 120 mm
Replaceable Arbor Diameter 22, 27, 32 mm
Mobile Stroke Length of Milling Cutter 30 mm
Activities Support Stroke Length of Rear Pillar 200 mm
Work Table Hole of Diameter 80 mm
Dividing Worm Gear Pitch Diameter 546 mm
Dividing Worm Pitch Diameter 68 mm
Worktable Arbor Diameter 35 mm
Speed Step of Hob Cutter’s Main Spindle 7 Kinds
speed range of hob cutter 47.5 to 192 r/min
Gear Embryo Every One Revolution Milling Cutter and Vertical Load 0.25 to 3mm
Main Motor 4 kW
Speed of Main Motor 1430 r/min
Machine Weight About 3500 kg
Machine Size 2290 × 1100 × 1910 mm

Being one of the prominent manufacturers and suppliers, we are engaged in offering a wide range of conventional gear hobbing machinery. These hobbing machines are specially designed and developed as per the international industrial standards and acclaimed for robust construction and dimensional accuracy. With the availability in both standard as well as customized forms, this conventional gear hobbing machinery is offered at market leading rates.

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