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Crank Shaft Grinder

Crank Shaft Grinder

Crank shaft grinding machine, also known as crank shaft grinder, is applicable for grinding crank webs and main journals of engine crank shaft in the manufacturer and repair factory of automobiles, tractors and diesel engines. Crankshafts can be completely ground in a single setup, eliminating secondary operations. All functions are under CNC control, including in-process gaging, automatic compensation, and control of coolant nozzles so as to ensure that coolant is always fed into the grinding zone during pin chasing.
The crank shaft grinder Model MQ8260A is modified on the base of the Model MQ8206 and intended for adoption in the automobile, tractor, diesel engine works and their repair shops to grind the journals and crankpins of crankshafts.

Advantages of Crank Shaft Grinding Machine
1. Three different work speeds are obtainable by making use of the belts in the headstock.
2. Cross chucks are used in the headstock and tailstock.
3. Friction coupling is adopted in the headstock transmission chain for its easy adjustment.
4. Table traverse is operated either by hand or by power.
5. Wheel head rapid approach and withdrawal are affected through hydraulic means.
6. The 80mm wheel spindle in diameter has good rigidity and strength.
7. This crank shaft grinding machine makes use of roller ways for wheel head movement.
8. The bed ways and wheel head of the crank shaft grinder are lubricated in an automatic cycle by means of the oil pump.

1. The headstock adopts belt to change its speed. Three different rotate speeds can be obtained.
2. The chucks of headstock and tailstock can employ cross chuck structure.
3. Friction clutch is mounted on transmission chain of headstock for convenient operation.
4. This crank shaft grinding machine conducts work table longitudinal movement by manual or power. Digital display is available with resolution ratio 0.005 mm.
5. The grinding carriages are controlled by hydraulic device with digital resolution ratio 0.005 mm.
6. The grinding carriages of the crank shaft grinding machine adopts Φ 80 mm type with good rigidity and strength.
7. Rolling guide is installed in the grinding carriages.
8. Tailstock cushion craft can be utilized for quick back and forth movement.

Our company offers you the right solution to your requirements – from single products with universal application to individual, customized system solutions.
Packaging: Veneer Case (Plywood Box)

Parameters of Crank Shaft Grinding Machine

Model MQ8260A × 2000 MQ8260A × 1600
Max. Work Swing Diameter × Max. Work Length Φ 580 × 2000 mm Φ 580 × 1600 mm
Max. Swing over Table Φ 580 mm Φ 580 mm
Work Diameter Ground with Steady Rest Φ 50 to Φ 120 mm Φ 30 to Φ 100 mm
Throw of Crankshaft 120 mm 110 mm
Max. Work Length Ground
In 3-Jaw Chuck 1800 mm 1400 mm
Between Centers 2000 mm 1600 mm
Max. Work Weight 150 kg 120 kg
Work Head
Center Height 300 mm 300 mm
Work Speed 30, 45, 65, 100 r/min 25, 45, 95 r/min
Wheel Head
Max. Cross Movement 185 mm 185 mm
Wheel Head Rapid Approach and Withdrawal 100 mm 100 mm
Wheel Feed Per Turnoff Cross Fed Hand Wheel 1 mm 1 mm
Per Grad. of Cross Feed Hand Wheel 0.005 mm 0.005 mm
Grinding Wheel
Wheel Spindle Speed (2 Steps) 740.890 r/min 740.890 r/min
Wheel Peripheral Speed 25.6 to 35 m/sec 25.6 to 35 m/sec
Wheel Size (O. D .× Width × Bore) Φ 900 × 32 × Φ 305 mm Φ 900 × 32 × Φ 305 mm
Table Traverse per Turn of Hand Wheel Coarse 5.88 mm 5.88 mm
Fine 1.68 mm 1.68 mm
Table Swivel (Taper 18/100)
Table Swivel per Grad of Scale (Taper 1: 50) 10’ 10’
Overall Capacity of Motors 11.12 Kw 9.82 Kw
Overall Dimensions (L × W × H) 4900 × 2037 ×1584 mm 4166 × 2037 ×1584 mm
Weight Approx. 7500 kg 4166 × 2037 × 1584

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