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Cut to Length Line

  • Heavy Duty Cut to Length Production Line
  • Heavy Duty Cut to Length Production Line
    Heavy duty transverse shearing line (heavy gauge cut to length) is an automatic cut to length production line. It is applicable for uncoiling, straightening, measuring, cutting and stacking materials like cold or hot rolling carbon steel, tinplate, stainless steel, and other kinds of metal with coated surfaces. This heavy duty transverse shearing line is widely used during the ...
  • Q44FK High Speed Cut to Length
  • Q44FK High Speed Cut to Length
    Q44FK series high speed cut to length line is a kind of transverse shearing line. This cut to length machine employs a specially designed crank guillotine shear. It runs ceaselessly. A servo motor roll feeder feeds the strip in pre-set length when the shear knives open. In this working mode, a comparatively high shearing speed can be achieved. Q44FK series high speed cut to len...

Cut to length line is also named as cut to length machine, transversal shearing line, or cut-to-length production line. It is mainly used to cut tinplate coil, galvanized coil sheet, siliconized steel sheet, cold rolled coil sheet, stainless coil sheet, aluminum coil sheet as per the requested product length and stack them for packing. Cut to length line is the pre-process of coil steel sheets used in the following industries like transformer, household electrical appliances, automobile, building material, packing, etc.

Working Process
Cut to length line can uncoil metal sheet strip coil, straighten metal sheet strip and feed metal sheet strip forth to shearing machine. The shearing machine cuts metal sheet strips transversely in order to get metal sheet plates with required lengths.

According to its size, cut to length line can be divided into high duty or high gauge transverse line and light gauge cut to length production line.
According to the thickness of sheet, it can be classified into thick sheet cut to length machine and thin sheet cut to length line.

Support Equipment
The transverse shearing line is a unit of series machines. Normally cut to length production line consists of coil car, hydraulic single arm decoiler, coil guiding device, rectifying deviation device, fourfold type 19 rollers leveling device, looping device, straightening device, high speed cutting device, belt conveyor, pneumatic discharge device, automatic stacker, hydraulic system and electrical system.

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