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Drilling Machine

  • Radial Drilling Machine
  • Radial Drilling Machine
    Radial drill press, also known as radial drilling machine or radial drill machinery, is well known for main shaft feeding, cross arm going up and down, recycling water cooling, overload protection, etc. It is applicable for several drilling operations, from V-belt driven drilling to all-geared drilling. Radial drill press can be used to drill, broach, ream, bore, and tap the pa...
  • Z51 Square Column Vertical Drilling Machine
  • Z51 Square Column Vertical Drilling Machine
    As a kind of vertical drill press, Z51 square column vertical drilling machine has the function of tap-automatically reversing device which is suitable for tapping of blind and determined holes. The principal axis tapping can realize automatic reversion and micro feed, which is convenient for blind holes and counter boring. This vertical drill press is a universal-purpose machi...
  • Z50 Round Column Vertical Drilling Machine
  • Z50 Round Column Vertical Drilling Machine
    Round column drilling machine adopts electric and manual lifting mechanism. The working table can be rotated 180°and titled ± 45°along the column. Equipped with automatic feed and tapping (electromagnetic clutch), drill machine can realize auto feeding and tapping by putting any button on the feed handle. This vertical drilling machine is also armed with coolant system and...

Drilling machine is also known as drill press or drill machine. It adopts drill bit to machine holes on work pieces. Normally, bit rotations belong to primary motion, and bit axial movement belongs to feed motion. It is employed to drill holes of required sizes on desired surface. However, when it is used with proper tooling, drill press can be applicable for a variety of machining operations, such as drilling, reaming, tapping, counter boring, countersinking and spot facing and more. Usually, drill machine is applied in woodworking, metal working, construction and other industries.

1. Radial type, a kind of drill press used to drill, broach, ream, bore, and tap the parts for a workshop or a worker.
2. Z51 square column vertical model, a sort of drill machine and universal general -purpose machine used for counter-sinking, spot-facing drilling, tapping, boring and reaming, etc.
3. Z50 round column vertical pattern, a kind of vertical drill press employed to process end face reaming, counter bores drilling, boring and tapping and so on.

1. The structure of this drill press is simple.
2. During the working process, working pieces are stationary, while the cutter conducts rotary motion.
3. This drilling machine is of optimum performance, high quality and durability.

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