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Floor Boring Machine

Floor Boring Machine

Floor boring machine, also known as floor boring mill machine, is suitable for rough machining and force cutting. It is widely used for boring holes, drilling holes, milling and cutting in the fields of metallurgical, energy sources, electric power, mine, engineering mechanism, and military engineering industry and ship-building. The spindle of floor boring machine adopts high-accuracy rolling bearings to support. Five surface machining can be done when the boring machine is equipped with a high accuracy rotary working table, and a right- angle milling head, etc. X, Y, Z axis are armed with rolling lead screw transmission, compensation equipment of spindle box, heat balance protection system, and double gears framework which could eliminate clearance. This floor boring machine has a function of completely self-diagnosis. And this makes the floor boring mill machine convenient and agile to operate. All kinds of special accessories such as angle milling heads, special milling heads, facing plates, can be equipped according to customers’ request.

Features of Floor Boring Machine
1. This floor boring mill machine features high performance, high dynamics, and high and enhanced precision.
2. It adopts rigid and stable design for the highest precision.
3. It is equipped with guiding system.
4. This floor boring machine is backed up by strong technology.
5. This floor boring mill machine is long lasting.


Parameter Name Units T6913/TK6913 T6916/TK6916 T6920/TK6920 T6926/TK6926
Boring Shaft Diameter mm 130 160 200 260
Spindle Taper Hole ISO 50 50 60 60
Boring Spindle Speed r.p.m. 2 to 800 2 to 800 2 to 800 2 to 800
Ram Sectional Dimensions mm 380 × 420 480 × 520 480 × 520 640 × 720
Boring Bar and Non-Slip Pillow Stroke mm 1500 2400 2400 3200
Boring Axis Travel mm 700 1200 1200 1600
Ram Stroke mm 800 1200 1200 1600
Spindle Box Vertical Stroke mm 2000 3000 4000 6000
Column before and after Stroke mm 4000 6000 8000 12000
Ram/Boring Axis Feed Rate mm/min 0.5 to 4800 0.5 to 4800 0.5 to 4800 0.5 to 4800
Column before and after the Feed Rate mm/min 1 to 5600 1 to 5600 1 to 5600 1 to 5600
Boring and Milling Head under the Feed Rate mm/min 1 to 5600 1 to 5600 1 to 5600 1 to 5600
Main Motor Power Kw 30 55 75 110

Jiangsu Harmonious Eternity International Trade Co., Ltd. is one of the most renowned providers of floor boring machines in China. Our floor boring mill machines are in great demand by steel, railways, and engineering industries, etc. We provide high quality floor type horizontal boring machine for sale with excellent durability and power efficiency. They are rust free and available at reasonable prices. We also serve floor boring machines as per customers' specifications. Furthermore, we provide CNC floor boring mill machine with proper and excellent dimensional accuracy. The longitudinal movement of spindle and height of spindle axis from table surface of our product are available in various ranges. They are completely safe in use and can be handled at great ease.

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