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Gear Hobbing Machine

  • Conventional Gear Hobbing Machine
  • Conventional Gear Hobbing Machine
    Conventional gear hobbing equipment is applicable for hobbing spur and helical gears as well as worm wheels. This machine tool is especially suitable for batch production in automotive, tractor, motorcycle and gear manufacturing industries....
  • CNC Gear Hobbing Machine
  • CNC Gear Hobbing Machine
    CNC hobbing machine, also known as CNC gear hobbing equipment, is used to process straight tooth, helical gears, spline, drum gear, small taper gear and worm gears, etc. This gear hobbing machinery is suitable for industry branches like motor vehicle, agricultural machinery, reducer and sprocket, etc. This CNC hobbing machine is of high rigidity both in static and dynamic states...

Gear hobbing machine is the most widely used machine tool in gear cutting machine. This hobbing machinery can conduct cutting straight tooth and helical gear; and machine worm gear and chain gear, etc. Each gear hobbing machine is typical composed of a chuck, tailstock, a spindle and a drive motor, etc. This hobbing machinery is fully automated. It contains a full production series of up to 6,000 mm work piece diameter. Within the automotive industry segment, the newest technology of HSC-dry cutting is offered and this increases productivity by 30% and offers the ecological advantage that no more coolant is required.

1. This gear hobbing machine adopts solid structure with good rigidity.
2. This hobbing machinery features high requirement on machining accuracy.
3. The machine tools are a universal platform for shaping machines and for generating and profile grinding technology.
4. This gear hobbing machine is suitable for single or small batch production of cylindrical spiral gears and worm gears. And such hobbing machinery can hob spline shaft with specific parameters.
5. It can be adjusted automatically and possesses automatic stopping mechanism.
6. This hobbing gear machine is equipped with safety device and automatic self-lubrication machine.

CNC gear hobbing machine is kind of machine controlled by CNC control system. It is especially suitable for batch production in automotive, tractor, motorcycle and gear manufacturing industries.
Conventional hobbing machinery is a sort of machine suitable for batch, small batch and individual production of cylindrical gear and worm gear. This gear hobbing machine is suitable for roll cutting spline shaft in a certain range of parameters.

Such hobbing machinery is widely used in various machine building industries, such as automobile, tractor, machine tool, engineering machinery, mining machinery, oil, meter and the space craft, etc.

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