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Hack Saw Machine

Hack Saw Machine

Hack saw machinery, also known as hack sawing, is mainly used for precision cutting of plastics, steel, and various other allied products. It consists of a high-efficiency arc-push saw, a new style V-shaped transmission belt, gripping device, feeing mechanism and protective system, etc. Hack saw machinery can be operated at different speeds and has a wide cutting scope.
Hack sawing machine can be subdivided into several models, such as G7025B and Gl7132/GL7140/GL7150 and so on.

Generally speaking, the hack saw machinery we provide is characterized by elegant outer appearance, sturdy construction and corrosion resistance. Besides, low maintenance, low power consumption and dimensional accuracy are common characteristics of the hack sawing machine as well. What’s more, this machine tool is of high quality and is available at a competitive price.

Specifically speaking, G7025B hack saw machinery is type of horizontal bow sawing type. It has reasonable structure and is full featured. This model is characterized by beautiful appearance, high cutting efficiency and high security and low noise and easy operation. Gl7132/GL7140/GL7150 hack saw machinery is hydraulically driven. It features clamping feed, cutting process automation, and is equipped with a security guarantee device.

Parameters of G7025B

Name Units G7025B
Cutting Range Round mm 250
Section mm 220 × 220
Oblique Saw ° 45°
Reciprocating Number of Blade time/min 75, 90, 108
Sawing Travel mm 135
Blade Size mm 450 × 45 × 2.25
Power Kw 2.24
Overall Dimensions mm 1262 × 863 × 967
N.W kg 600

Parameters of Gl7132/GL7140/GL7150

Name Units Parameter
GL7132 GL7140 GL7150
Cutting Range Rounds mm 320 400 500
Section mm 320 × 240 400 × 240 500 × 280
mm 290 × 290 330 × 330 400 × 400
Oblique Saw mm 45° (Dmax250) 45° (Dmax250) 45° (Dmax300)
Frequency of Sawing Bow Reciprocation mm 30: 60: 84
Size of Saw Blade mm 600 × 50 × 2.5 600 × 55 × 2.5 750×63×2.5
Total Power mm 3.44 4.34 4.34
Overall Dimensions mm 1940 × 835 × 1345 1990 × 835 × 1345 2090 × 1040 × 1375
N.W kg 1100 1200 1450

Founded in 2003, Jiangsu Harmonious Eternity International Trade Co., Ltd. is one of the prominent suppliers of high quality hack saw machinery in China. Backed by our sophisticated machinery and experienced professionals, we are able to provide sawing machinery in accordance with the industry quality standards. Finding wide applications in various industrial applications, we offer hack sawing machines at competitive rates. Some of our available saw machinery includes circular saw model, hack saw machinery, and band saw model. Besides, we have a fully equipped shop to repair and sharpen high-speed steel, segmental, and carbide tipped circular saw blades.

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