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Horizontal Boring Machine

Horizontal Boring Machine

A horizontal boring machine, also known as horizontal boring mill, is designed for boring holes. It is applicable for drilling, boring, lathing and milling. The machine adopts rectangular guide ways, radial tool holder of facing head and head for radial machining. The horizontal boring mahcine has its work spindle parallel to the ground and work table. Typically, there are three linear axis. Conventionally, Z axis is dictated to be the main axis. This axis drives the part towards the work spindle with a cross-traversing X axis and a vertically-traversing Y axis. The spindle system is suitable for rough machining and force cutting. This machine tool is mainly used for boring and milling big surface and big case parts. 
This horizontal boring machine can be classified into T(X) series and TK series. The TK series horizontal boring mill is a horizontal machining center. It’s mainly used for machining case parts, milling surface and slots, drilling and boring, etc. It adopts precision rotary work table, circular interpolation process (x, y coordinate axes) as well as small diameter milling cutter. The cutter can process any plane curve type surface. Main transmission system of TK6916E machine adopts variable frequency motor. This can realize stepless speed regulation. This horizontal boring machine has six mechanical variable speed regulations by manual control. And reversible motion of spindle can be realized by the reversible motion of motor. This horizontal boring mill is also equipped with high precision rotary work table and square-edge milling head and other functional components which can complete the processing of pentahedron. Optional digital readout device is installed in the horizontal boring machine with reading accuracy 0.01 mm and positioning accuracy 0.05 mm. The series can achieve 3 axis coordinated machining, and the work piece can be clamped at one time for milling, drilling, boring and reaming machining, etc.

T(X) Series
1. This series horizontal boring mill features strong rigidity and high accuracy.
2. Precision-ground cast iron table is mounted on the horizontal boring machine.
3. Miter gauge and slot are dovetailed.
4. Pneumatic clamp and spindle travel
5. This horizontal boring mill accepts RH threaded boring bits.
6. Preformed steel stand is installed in the horizontal boring machine.
7. Convenient foot pedal control is available.
TK Series
1. This series horizontal boring mill adopts contouring control method for milling of inclined plane, square plane and big holes end plane narrowed operating space. And this improves production efficiency and relieves labor intensity.
2. This horizontal boring machine features force cutting, high efficiency, high positioning accuracy, good stability, long infeed stroke and vast bearing capacity.
3. It has features of reducing manufacture number of process equipment and shortening production preparation period.
4. This horizontal boring machine can index freely with high accuracy of indexing accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy.
5. This series horizontal mill is automatic.
6 It adopts slippery pillow mobile structure.
7. Such machines are available at a competitive price.

The horizontal boring machine can complete the processing of milling, boring, turning, drilling and holes boring only in condition that the work piece is prepared on machine. This horizontal boring mill for holes boring is applicable for coarse and fine processing as well as drilling and reaming process of surface and hole for large, heavy and over heavy complex components. In addition, this horizontal boring machine is suitable for general machinery manufacturing industry, especially for single pieces and small batch production of high precision and complex components.

Parameters of T(X)611B, T(X)611B/13, T(X)611C, T(X)611C/13

Model Units T(X)611B T(X)611B/13 T(X)611C T(X)611C/13
Spindle Diameter mm 110 130 110 130
Worktable Size mm 1320 × 950 1320 × 1010 1320 × 950 1320 × 1010
Max. Load of Worktable kg 2500 5000 2500 5000
Longitudinal Travel of Worktable mm 1100 × 850 1100 × 850 1100 × 1200 1100 × 1200
Vertical Travel of Spindle mm 900 900 900 900
Axial Travel of Spindle mm 550 550 550 550
Spindle Inner Hole Taper Morse No.6 Metric 80 Morse No.6 Metric 80
Main Motor Power Kw 6.5/8 9/11 6.5/8 9/11

Parameters of TK Series

Model Units TK6350A TK6350 TK6411B
Worktable Size mm 500 × 500 500 × 500 1350 × 1000
Left and Right Travel (X) mm 630 630 1500
Front and Back Travel (Y) mm 550 550 1200
Spindle Travel Z mm 550 550 1000
Max. Load of Worktable kg 500 500 4000
Max. Speed of Spindle r.p.m. 8000 6000 1000
Main Motor Power Kw FANUC 7.5/11 FANUC 7.5/11 FANUC 7.5/11
SIEMENS 7/9.25 SIEMENS 7/9.25 SIEMENS 7/9.25
Model Units TK611B TK611C TK611C/IV
Spindle Diameter mm Φ 110/Φ 130 Φ 110/Φ 130 Φ 110/Φ 130
Worktable Size mm 1320 × 950 1320 × 950 1320 × 950
Max. Load of Worktable kg 2500 × 5000 2500 × 5000 2500 × 5000
Longitudinal Travel of Worktable mm 1300 × 850 1300 × 1200 1800 × 1300
Vertical Travel of Spindle mm 900 900 1200
Axial Travel of Spindle mm 550 550 550
Main Motor Power Kw 11 (6000 r.p.m.) 11 (6000 r.p.m.) 11 (6000 r.p.m.)

Jiangsu Harmonious Eternity International Trade Co., Ltd. is specialized in providing of horizontal boring machines (boring mills) for holes boring in China. The machines we provide include horizontal type, vertical model and floor type. We are a leading organization, engaged in manufacturing highly operational horizontal boring machinery. With over 10 years experience, our metal boring mills have been exported to more than 40 countries or regions such as German, USA, Canada, UK, Poland, Spain, Netherlands, Denmark, Greece and Australia and some other countries and regions.

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