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Hydraulic Press Brake

  • WC67Y Hydraulic Press Brake
  • WC67Y Hydraulic Press Brake
    WC67Y is a type of hydraulic bending machinery (hydraulic press brake). It is widely applied for bending and processing sheet metals in metal forming industry. This hydraulic bending machine employs deflection compensation mechanism and this structure can help gain higher efficiency....
  • HPB Hydraulic Press Brake
  • HPB Hydraulic Press Brake
    HPB hydraulic press brake is a kind of hydraulic metal brakes. It makes use of steel metal welded structure and this structure assures its strength and excellent rigidity. Hydraulic press includes replaceable top tools V-block and support table with stops. The whole hydraulic transmission process can efficiently avoid serious overloading accidents led by inappropriate use. This...
  • W62Y Hydraulic Folder
  • W62Y Hydraulic Folder
    W62Y hydraulic folder is a kind of metal sheet folding machine. The processing blade can be sub sectioned. It is suitable for manufacturing box and pan type products, and the open height is 200 mm. This box and pan folder adopts numerous components with famous brand. The hydraulic folder uses SIKO digital display device and integrated hydraulic system of OMEGA brand from USA. A...
  • Tandem Press Brake
  • Tandem Press Brake
    Tandem press brake is also known as tandem bending machinery. It is especially used for road light pole, power pole and extra long work piece processing in the urban construction, automobile manufacturing, highway, and so on. Typical industries served include earth moving, lighting columns, cranes, aerospace, transport and defense....

Hydraulic press brake (hydraulic bending machine) is a piece of metal forming equipment extensively used for bending and processing sheet metals in metal forming, automobile, machinery, shipbuilding, electronics, light, industry and decoration industry. It is driven by hydraulic power. Famous brand hydraulic and electric parts steel torsion bar is adopted, so the hydraulic press brake is of high quality and low noise. And it can bend steel plate with high precision and efficiency. Hydraulic transmission avoids severe overloading accidents caused by improper use while working. Hydraulic bending machine has many subclass products, such as WC67Y, HPB, W62Y and tandem type.  

1. Hydraulic press brake adopts steel metal welded structure, so it is characterized by good strength and excellent rigidity.
2. It features in hydraulic top-drive. The hydro-cylinder of machine tool ends is placed on the slider block so as to realize direct drive.
3. The slider synchronizing mechanism of hydraulic press brake adopts torsion shaft forced synchronization.
4. Hydraulic bending machine employs mechanical block structure to guarantee its steadiness and reliability.
5. The slide stroke can be carried out by electric adjustment, manual fine adjustment, and digital display for back gauge distance and stroke of up ram.
6. The upper slider is an integral panel equipped with deflection compensation mechanism to ensure getting higher bending accuracy.

1. The hydraulic press brake is o reliable and superior quality.
2. This press brake type is easy to operate.
3. Various models are available.
4. It has competitive price.
5. We provide timely delivery of hydraulic bending machine.
6. Excellent after-sales service is guaranteed.

Working Press
Hydraulic press brake is made up of support, operating platform and clamping piece. Composed by foundation and platen, the operating platform is placed on the support. Constituted by base shell, coil and cover plate, the foundation is liked with clamping piece by hinge. The coil is placed in the hollow part of base shell. And the hollow part of the shell is covered with cover plate.

Please clarify the steel plate strength, thickness and length, so that our clients can select the suitable hydraulic press brake.

Certification: ISO9001
Maintenance: Regular maintenance and change hydraulic oil timely
Payments: TT or L/C

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