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Hydraulic Shearing Machine

  • QC11Y Hydraulic Shearing Machine
  • QC11Y Hydraulic Shearing Machine
    QC11Y hydraulic plate shears are a kind of metal forming machinery. This shearing machine is mainly used for cutting plates in metal forming processing industry. It adopts E10 digital readout control panel. And this plate shearing machine uses various hydraulic and electric parts of famous brand, such as hydraulic pump from China top brand KEXIAN, hydraulic valve of HUADE brand...
  • QC12Y Hydraulic Swing Beam Shear Machine
  • QC12Y Hydraulic Swing Beam Shear Machine
    QC12Y hydraulic swing beam shear machine is a kind of hydraulic guillotine shear. This hydraulic plate shearing machine adopts hydraulic swing beam shears and advanced electric system design. Many parts of the shearing machine are made with famous brands, such as its main electric components from SIEMENS, hydraulic pump from China top brand KEXIAN, hydraulic valves from OMEGA a...

As one of prominent manufacturers of hydraulic shearing machine, Jiangsu Harmonious Eternity International Trade Co., Ltd. is engaged in manufacturing high-tech hydraulic shearing machine for the national and international markets. Hydraulic plate shearing machine is used for cutting metal plate into different required sizes. It adopts high quality steel welding machine frame and special alloy steel blade with long working life. Its main electric parts are from SIEMENS or SCHNEIDER, hydraulic valves from OMEGA from USA or other famous brands, and hydraulic connector is from PARKER, USA. The hydraulic plate shearing machine is hydraulically powered. The guillotine shear can be also fixed with CNC system for high precision and high efficiency. It has two subclass products swing beam plate shearing machine and guillotine type. The former is used to cut middle and thin metal plate. And the later one is adopted to shear middle and thick metal plate.

1. This hydraulic plate shearing machine can accurately cut thin sheets at lower rake angle.
2. The guillotine shear features in higher cutting capacity at maximum rake angle.
3. This shearing machine is of less power consumption.
4. It is safe for operators to use this hydraulic press.
5. This hydraulic plate shearing machine produces fast products efficiently.
6. The guillotine shear causes low noise.
7. Smooth operation makes the shearing machine with higher efficiency.

Main Performance
1. The rack and tool rest adopt all-steel welded structure, relieve stress by vibration and have a good precision retaining ability.
2. Hydraulic plate shearing machine employs integrated hydraulic system and it is stable.
3. Three-point support rolling guide rail is utilized to eliminate support clearance and improve shearing quality.
4. Blade clearance is adjusted by hand wheel in a quick, accurate and convenient way.
5. The blade of the hydraulic plate shearing machine is rectangular. And the four cutting edges can be used and they have a long service life.
6. The shear angle is adjustable so as to reduce the distortion of sheet metal.
7. The top rest adopts internal inclined structure so as to blank and improve the accuracy of the manufacture.
8. Hydraulic plate shearing machine has the function of nibbling shear.
9. Guillotine shear adopts motor rear stopper and numerical display.

Competitive Advantages
1. New Technical Patent
2. Competitive Price
3. Good Quality
4. Honest After Sale Service

1. Please make sure the metal strength, thickness and length you need.
2. Please make a clear description on CNC system you require.

Certification: ISO9001
Maintenance: Regular maintenance, change hydraulic oil timely.
Payment: L/C at sight or TT

Jiangsu Harmonious Eternity International Trade Co., Ltd is specialized in metal forming machines, hydraulic press brake, hydraulic plate shearing machine, guillotine shear and rolling plate machines and so on. If you’d like to get more detailed information, please contact us. We enthusiastically welcome domestic and international clients to our company study tours, if we can become your provider, we will be much honored.