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Mechanical Shearing Machine

  • Q11HD High Precision Mechanical Shearing Machine
  • Q11HD High Precision Mechanical Shearing Machine
    Q11HD high precision mechanical shears uses integral steel-welded structure that is simple and easy to operate.This mechanical plate shearing machine adopts advanced appliances (foot switch and manual switch) with little noise and convenient maintenance....
  • Q11 Mechanical Shearing Machine
  • Q11 Mechanical Shearing Machine
    Q11 mechanical plate shearing machine is a kind of metal forming machine. It is widely used in metallurgy, machinery, light industry and other sheet metal processing industry. This shearing equipment is famous for high strength and good rigidity. It adopts key resistant clutch structure and open gear drive. Advanced electrical equipment operation (foot switch and hand switch) i...
  • Q01 Pedal Shearing Machine
  • Q01 Pedal Shearing Machine
    Q01 pedal shears are kind of mechanical shearing machine. This pedal shearing machine is mainly used for shearing mild steel, aluminum, copper, and brass, plastic and lead plates. The blade is made of high carbon and high chrome steel material. Part of the machine tool is equipped with press device. And this shearing machine adopts pedal tension spring of slide fulcrum stationa...

Mechanical shearing machine is widely used in sheet metal industries. This guillotine shear is ideal equipment for sheet shearing. It consists of motor, machine frame, connecting rod, ram, and blade. There are two subclass products—conventional mechanical shearing machine and high precision type. It is mechanically powered and is controlled by mechanical transmission system. The shearing machine we provide is especially designed to cut steel sheets of various widths and trim them in unlimited lengths rapidly and continuously.  

1. Mechanical shearing machine has a simple structure.
2. This guillotine shear is at a competitive price.
3. It can shear steel plates with a high speed.
4. The trimming is burr-free.
5. It works more than ten times as efficient as manual working.
6. The mechanical shearing machine adopts slide rail and step tension spring of slide fulcrum stationary type. And this reduces the operating force by two thirds.

1. Mechanical shearing machines are driven by big motor power.
2. This guillotine shear adopts machine frame of high rigidity.
3. The blades of the plate shearing machine are of good quality.
4. Such shearing machine has a long service life.
5. Quick shearing work is typical of this shearing machine.

1. Mechanical shearing machine should be operated strictly according to operation instruction.
2. The machine tool should be kept clean. The unpainted sections should avoid rusting and oil.
3. Before staring up such guillotine shear, lubricant oil should be added regularly according to the lubrication diagram. The lubricant oil should be clean and has no sediment.
4. The lubricant oil in the motor bearing should be filled regularly. And the electric equipment should be regularly checked whether its working is safe and reliable.  

1. Please make sure the strength, thickness and length of steel plate wanted so as to select the suitable machine.
2. E10 digital readout can display the back gauge and shearing times.

Main Performance
1. Mechanical shearing machine is easy to operate.
2. Such guillotine shear provides reliable function.
3. It is not expensive for you to maintain the shearing machine.

Certification: ISO9001
Payments: L/C at sight or TT

Jiangsu Harmonious is an expert on the manufacture of mechanical shearing machine in China. According to different working methods, plate shearing machine can be divided into the following types—treadle shearing machines, hand operated shearing machines, bench shearing machines and guillotine shearing machines and hydraulic shearing machines. The mechanical shearing machine we provide is of versatile design, rigid construction, rigorous tests for the capacities and appearance.