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Press Brake

  • Hydraulic Press Brake
  • Hydraulic Press Brake
    Hydraulic press brake (hydraulic bending machine) is a piece of metal forming equipment extensively used for bending and processing sheet metals in metal forming, automobile, machinery, shipbuilding, electronics, light, industry and decoration industry. It is driven by hydraulic power. Famous brand hydraulic and electric parts steel torsion bar is adopted, so the hydraulic pres...
  • CNC Press Brake
  • CNC Press Brake
    CNC press brake is an electro-hydraulic synchronized double-cylinder CNC metal bending machine. It can bend different work pieces according to different angles of moulds with high precision and efficiency. Such bending machine is mainly used in metal forming industry....

A press brake is also known as brake press or bending machine (flat metal bending). It is a kind of metal forming machine, mainly used to bend and form iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminum sheet metals and other plate materials. This bending equipment can also be used as a press machine to finish die forming, pressing rivet, leveling, and so on.

According to different applications, Jiangsu Harmonious Eternity International Trade Co., Ltd. mainly provides the following press brakes:
1.Hydraulic brake press, a piece of equipment extensively used for bending and processing sheet metals in automobile, machinery, shipbuilding, electronics, light industry and decoration industry.
2.CNC bending machine, a kind of machine used to realize bending depth full closed-loop digital control through the grating feedback.
3.Tandem bending press

1. The press brake adopts steel welded structure.
2. The bending equipment eliminates stress through vibration.
3. The brake press possesses high mechanical strength and exceptional rigidity.
4. The bending press is of hydraulic top-drive, so it is steady and reliable.
5. Its mechanical stop and steel torsion bar maintain synchronization and high precision.

Working Process
A press brake mainly consists of a bracket, workbench and clamping plate. The workbench, placed on the bracket, is made up of platen and foundation which includes cell, coil and cover plate. And the coil is put in the sinking part of the cell. The top of the cell is covered with a cover. When you use the press brake, the wire will charge the coil to produce gravity to platen. Thus clamping the sheets between platen and foundation comes true. Due to the electromagnetic clamping, the platen can be bent into various work piece requirements. In addition, this bending equipment can process the work piece with side walls.     

Maintenance and Repair
1. Filter
(1) The filter of press brake should be rinsed thoroughly or replaced.
(2) The filter of bending equipment should be replaced when the machines tool gives a related alarm or the oil is not clean, etc.
(3) The air filter upon the tank should be checked and rinsed every three months. And it is better to replace it once a year.
2. Hydraulic Components
(1) Hydraulic components such as base plate, valve, dynamo, pump and oil pipes, etc. should be rinsed so as to protect the press brake system from fouls. (Attention: Cleanser cannot be used here.)
(2) After one month, every crook of oil pipes should be checked to know whether it is out of shape. If this happens, they should be replaced. And two months later, every joint of the parts of the bending equipment should be fastened on the condition that the electric power is cut off and the system of press brake is pressure free.
3. Hydraulic Circuit
(1) Checking oil level of the tank every week. After repairing the hydraulic system, the oil level should be inspected as well. If the oil level is under oil window, hydraulic oil should be added.
(2) The new press brake should renew the oil after working 2000 hours. And later, the bending equipment should renew the oil after working 4000 to 6000 hours. When renew the oil, the tank should be rinsed.
(3) The oil temperature of the system should between 35 and 60 degree centigrade. It can not exceed 70 degree, or the oil will deteriorate and the accessories of press brake will be out of order. 

Jiangsu Harmonious is a manufacturer and supplier of metal forming machine in China. We are specialized in kinds of metal forming machines like press brake and bending equipment, etc. The machine we provide is of good quality and resistant to wear and bear. If you are looking for such machines, please contact us.