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Press Machine

  • Hydraulic Press Machine
  • Hydraulic Press Machine
    This hydraulic press equipment adopts PLC control system with a digital operator interface.This hydraulic punching machine meets or exceeds OSHA regulations for safety.This punch press can protect individual specifications with E-Stop circuits.This metal stamping press is designed with minimal deflection.This hydraulic press equipment can be protected from overloading....
  • Power Press Machine
  • Power Press Machine
    Power press equipment is also known as mechanical presses or mechanical press machine. They are perfectly used for pressing, trimming, straightening, assembling and disassembling various components in light industry, metallurgy industry, chemical industry and other metal processing industries....

Press equipment is also known as press machine, punching machinery. It can be subdivided into mechanical type and hydraulic type. This stamping equipment is used for metal cutting, blanking, stretching and drawing, etc. In addition, press equipment can be applied in stamping process of precision electronics, communications, computers, household appliances, automobile parts, motor rotor, and other small precision parts. What’s more, press machine is most suitable for mass production of sophisticated electronics, metal parts.

1. Press equipment adopts four-column and three-plate structure.
2. Four precise guide sleeves are installed so as to down-press plumb with high precision.
3. Press machine is safe to operate. And it features double hands operation and is equipped with emergency buttons (the photoelectric protective device should be additionally mounted) and micro-inching adjusting buttons.
4. The charging conduit and blowing device are set on the working platform so as to promote productivity.
5. Press equipment is of convenient operation, for the pressure, stroke, speed, dwell time and shut height can be adjusted accordingly.
6. The casters and foot cup is installed under the working platform. And this allows the press equipment to move conveniently and be operated in a laborsaving and high-efficient way.

Working Principle
The flywheel of press machinery is driven by electric motor. And the gear is driven by clutch so as to allow the crank-link mechanism to make rise and down movements. And during this process, the drawing die will conduct metal forming work. 

Competitive Advantages
1. We have our own new technical patent and certification like ISO9001.
2. Jiangsu Harmonious provides punching machinery at a competitive price.
3. Our press equipment is of high quality.
4. Honest after sale service is guaranteed.

Please clarify physical strength, thickness and punching dimension of metal steel before adopting this press equipment. What’s more, its service life and control system should be considered before and after purchasing the press machine.

Main Performance
This punch press adopts high quality machine frame. It is controlled by hydraulic system of famous brand. And its main electric parts are from SIEMENS or SCHNEIDER. This punching machinery is low noise.

Maintenance: Regular maintenance as per operation manual.
Payments: By L/C at sight or TT

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