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SKYB Series CNC Punching

SKYB Series CNC Punching

SKYB series CNC punching machine is ideal equipment in numerically controlled metal fabrication industry like aluminum, stainless steel, steel and brass industry, etc. And this CNC turret punching machinery creates shapes in sheet material by successively punching a series of basic shape like circles and rectangles, etc.

1. CNC punching machine is a perfect combination of newest control technology and conventional mechanism.
2. CNC turret punching machinery features high automation, high productivity, high accuracy and efficiency.
3. CNC punching machine can produce 2D shapes including cutouts.
4. It is cost effective.

Normally all the tooling of CNC punching machine needed are stock items but special tooling may be needed for inside angles less than 90 deg and unusual shapes.

CNC Turret Punching Machinery Design Considerations
1. Avoid thin fragile shapes.
2. Warping may occur if many holes are punched or much material is removed from the sheet.
3. Minimize use of very small holes.
4. Some edges may show minor signs of the successive punching process, less so on the bottom side.


Item Specification
Machine Model SKY (B) 31225C SKY (B) 31240C
Nominal Force 300 kN
Construction Closed
Max Punching Diameter F 88.9 mm
Max. Work Piece Dimension 1250 × 2500 mm 1250 × 4000 mm
Max. Work Piece Thickness 6.35 mm
Max, Work Piece Weight 300 kg
Punching Accuracy ± 0.1 mm
Reorientation Accuracy ± 0.02 mm
Stroke 30 mm
Slide Max. Height Stroke 900 h.p.m
Max. Feeding Speed 90m/min
X/Y Axis Stroke 1250/1250 mm 2000/1250 mm
Throat Depth 1280 mm
Turret Turning Speed 30 r.p.m
Number of Stations Set 32 Including A,B, C, D Stations Set
Number of Index Set 2 sets(≤ F 50.8)
Reorientation Device Have
CNC Control System Japan FANUC 0i-PC System
Number of Controlled Axis 4 Axis
Display 10.4 LCD Screen
Main Motor 11 Kw
Machine Dimension 4965 × 2800 × 2110 mm 4965 × 4800 × 2110 mm
Machine Weight 14 ton 16 ton

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