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Section Bending Machine

  • W24Y Series Section Bending Machine
  • W24Y Series Section Bending Machine
    W24Y series section bending machine (tube bending machine) is an efficient processing machine. It is specially designed to bend I steel, U steel, flat beam, solid bar, etc. Both sides of this tube bender are equipment with assisting rollers. These rollers can efficiently control the bending quality of the proportional steel sections. This section bending machine is able to deal...
  • WYQ24 Section Bending Machine
  • WYQ24 Section Bending Machine
    WYQ24 section bending machine (angle roll bending machine) is half-hydraulic 3-roller symmetrical rolling machine. It is mainly used to bend profiles into certain shapes in the field of oil, chemical, ship, water and electricity, metal structure, machinery and manufacturing and so on. This angle roll bending machine has three rollers. The upper roller makes rise and fall moveme...
  • W24S Series Section Bending Machine
  • W24S Series Section Bending Machine
    W24S series are section bending machinery with arc-line adjusting. It can be placed horizontally or vertically. It can complete bending and pre-bending process. This tube bending machine consists of three rollers. The top (upper) roller, if necessary, will be designed as driving roller and it is fixed; while the 2 bottom rollers are driven by motor and gear reducer. They make a...
  • W24H Horizontal Section Bending Machine
  • W24H Horizontal Section Bending Machine
    W24H horizontal bending machinery is structured by overall steel-welded frame. This section bending machine has three rollers. And all the three rollers, shafts, pinions and gears are made out of alloy steel. As a heat treated machine, this angle roll bending machine is designed to process various metal profiles like angle...

Section bending machinery is also called tube bending machine or profile bending machine. It can be subdivided into two types, mechanical type and hydraulic type. And it is mainly used to roll or bend section (profile) metal material, such as angle steel, round steel bar, round steel pipe, and square steel bar, etc. This section bending machinery is widely applied in chemical industry, shipbuilding industry, and construction industry, wind power industry, transmitting and transforming energy industry and so on.

1. Section bending machinery adopts advanced structure, welded steel construction.
2. It is functioning wide and can stand or lie accordingly.  
3. Tube bending machine uses standard roll set.
4. Profile bending machine takes both bottom rolls as its motorized drive.
5. The upper (top) roll can be adjusted manually.
6. Section bending machinery provides easy and quick roll change.
7. Hardened rolls are utilized for standard profile.
8. Profile bending machine employs hardened precision threaded shaft.
9. All shafts run in roller bearings.
10. Tube bending machine is equipped with foot pedal for right and left rotation and option of reverse-forward starter.
11. Section bending machinery is easy to run and it can be operated by semi-skilled or unskilled operator.
12. Tube bending machine can pre-bend, bend and calibrate sheet metals by once feeding.

Working Process
The section bending machinery is kind of arc down adjusting bending machine. It is hydraulically powered. It has three rollers. The two side rollers are the main driving rollers. And all the three rollers can be also regarded as the main driving rollers. The top (upper) roller is fixed. And the two side rollers conduct arc up and down movement around a fixed center point. The whole section bending process can be monitored by displacement liquid crystal display. The two sides of this section bending machinery are equipped with carrier roller device so as to guarantee the rolling quality of asymmetric section profiles.

Competitive Advantages
1. Jiangsu Harmonious possesses its own new technical patent.
2. The section bending machinery we provide is at a competitive price.
3. The tube bending machine is of good quality.
4. We offer honest after sale service.

This section bending machinery adopts high quality steel welding machine frame. And it includes special alloy steel rollers with good hardness. Main electric parts are from SIEMENS or SCHNEIDER. And hydraulic system is from other famous brand.

Clarify physical strength, material size and minimum roll-bending diameter of the profile metal steel before purchasing so as to get suitable section bending machinery.

Certification: ISO9001 and SGS Certification
Maintenance: Regular maintenance as per operation manual

Payments: By L/C at sight or TT

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