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W24Y Series Section Bending Machine

W24Y Series Section Bending Machine

W24Y series section bending machine (tube bending machine) is an efficient processing machine. It is specially designed to bend I steel, U steel, flat beam, solid bar, etc. Both sides of this tube bender are equipment with assisting rollers. These rollers can efficiently control the bending quality of the proportional steel sections. This section bending machine is able to deal with different types of materials and specifications only by recombining the die settings.

1. W24Y-400 top roller is pushed down by manual, and the two bottom rollers are driven by motor.
2. W24Y-500 section bending machine is pushed down by hydraulic and the bottom rollers are driven by motor.
3. W24Y-1000 top roller is pushed down by hydraulic and all 3 rollers are driven by motor.
4. Main electric parts are from SIEMENS or SCHNEIDER.
5. Motors, bearings and other parts are from other famous Chinese brand.

1. Main electric components are from SIEMENS.
2. Top roller is driven (down - upper movement) with hydraulic system.

After Sale Service
Conforming to international standard, defective part of this section bending machine of poor quality can be freely replaced. But normal wearing from natural working and negligence of proper maintenance and misuse are not included.

Attention: Clarify steel physical strength, material size and minimum roll-bending diameter of the profile metals.
Maintenance: Regular maintenance as per operation manual.


Model W24Y-400 W24Y-500 W24Y-1000
Yield Limit 245 mpa 245 mpa 245 mpa
Min Bending Diameter 200 to 400 mm 300 to 400 mm 400 to 600 mm
Capacity L 40 × 4 mm L 50 × 5 mm L 75 × 7 mm
Machine Dimension 600 × 500 × 1200 mm 800 × 750 × 1300 mm 1000 × 900 × 1200 mm
Weight 500 kg 800 kg 1600 kg
Motor Power 2.2 Kw 0.75 + 2.2 Kw 1.5 + 3 Kw

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