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Shearing Machine

  • Hydraulic Shearing Machine
  • Hydraulic Shearing Machine
    This hydraulic plate shearing machine can accurately cut thin sheets at lower rake angle.The guillotine shear features in higher cutting capacity at maximum rake angle.This shearing machine is of less power consumption.It is safe for operators to use this hydraulic press. This hydraulic plate shearing machine produces fast products efficiently.The guillotine shear causes low no...
  • CNC Shearing Machine
  • CNC Shearing Machine
    CNC shearing machine, also known as CNC plate shears or guillotine shear, is hydraulically powered. The shearing machine employs series of digital demand to control one or more hydraulic plate shearing machine. CNC hydraulic shearing machine makes use of general or special-purpose computer to realize digital process control. CNC shearing machine usually control switching value ...
  • Mechanical Shearing Machine
  • Mechanical Shearing Machine
    Mechanical shearing machine is widely used in sheet metal industries. This guillotine shear is ideal equipment for sheet shearing. It consists of motor, machine frame, connecting rod, ram, and blade. There are two subclass products—conventional mechanical shearing machine and high precision type. It is mechanically powered and is controlled by mechanical transmission system. Th...

Plate shearing machine is a kind of metal forming machine. It is also known as plate shears or guillotine shear. It is a piece of equipment in which the bottom blade is fixed and the upper razor blade shears plates in reciprocal rectilinear motion. This plate shearing machine makes good use of reasonable blade clearance to add shear force to sheet metals of various thicknesses. And the sheet metals will be fractured and separated according to the required sizes. The plate shears are mainly used for cutting slit hot ends, cold bars, etc. in metal processing industry.

1. Plate shearing machine adopts hydraulic transmission, pendulum knife rest or brake tool rest.
2. The rack is overall-welded, so it is sturdy and durable. Plate shears employ energy accumulator hydro-cylinder, so the plate shearing machine is steady and swift.
3. The guillotine has the function of infinitely variable control of strokes. The upper slitter consists of two edges and the bottom slitter has four edges. And the blade clearance between two blades can be regulated with hand shanks. And it is very easy to adjust blade gap evenness.
4. Plate shearing machine uses safety fence and electric interlock to guarantee safe operation.
5. Independent hydraulic hold-down is adopted in plate shears. Every end of hold-down is equipped with plastic foot pads.
6. Plate shearing machine use numerical system in back stoppers. Equipped with digital display, it can display scissors length.
7. The plate shears apply rolling machine to reduce frictional resistance and meanwhile protect the surface of work piece from scratching.
8. The plate shearing machine adopts all-steel welded construction and eliminates stress through vibration.

Working Process
After being sheared by plate shearing machine, the straightness and depth of parallelism of the shearing surface should meet the requirements. Meanwhile, plate distortion should be reduced to the large extent so as to guarantee high quality of the work pieces. The upper blade is fastened to the tool rest and bottom blade is fixed on the workbench. The workbench is equipped with retainer ball so as to protect the plates from scratching. The plate shearing machine uses back stopper to allocate the sheet metal. The location of the sheet metal is regulated by electric motor. Plate shears makes use of pressure cylinder to clamp the sheet metal so as to prevent it from moving during shearing. Guard bar, a kind of safety equipment, can prevent industrial accidents from happening. Generally speaking, nitrogen helps realize return stroke. This process is fast and of weak impact.

According to different standards, plate shears can be divided into cold crop shears, scrap shears, hot end cutting shears, rotary shears, flying shears and alligator shears.

After Sale Service
In line with international standard, defective part of plate shearing machine due to poor quality can be substituted. However, if such defectiveness is caused by normal wearing from natural working and negligence of proper maintenance and misuse, the plate shears cannot be replaced.
Delivery Cycle: Within 45 to 60 days after deposit date.

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