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Cut To Length and Slitting Line

  • Cut to Length Line
  • Cut to Length Line
    Cut to length line is also named as cut to length machine, transversal shearing line, or cut-to-length production line. It is mainly used to cut tinplate coil, galvanized coil sheet, siliconized steel sheet, cold rolled coil sheet, stainless coil sheet, aluminum coil sheet as per the requested product length and stack them for packing. Cut to length line is the pre-process of c...
  • Slitting Line
  • Slitting Line
    A slitter machine (slitting line) is also named as slitting machine. It is mainly used to break down master coils into smaller coils with particular widths. Jiangsu Harmonious offers highly efficient slitting lines for hot rolled and cold rolled ferrous strips as well as non-ferrous strips. Incorporating latest technology, our slitter machines provide rapid change-over with an incre...

Cut to length machine is also known as transverse shearing machine. It takes flat rolled steel or coiled steel, unrolls it, levels and cuts it to desired length sheet. Our wide range of such lines can be used for processing both ferrous and non-ferrous material. Cut to length line or transversal shearing line is the pre-process of coil steel sheets used in the following industries like transformer, household electrical appliances, automobile, building material, packing, etc. These lines are available in varied specifications with width range of 500 mm to 2000 mm and thickness range o f 0.2 mm to 25 mm.
A slitter machine (slitting line) is used to break down master coils into smaller coils of a particular width. We offer highly efficient slitting lines for hot rolled and cold rolled ferrous strips as well as non-ferrous strips. Incorporating latest technology, our slitting lines provide rapid change over with an increased output. The slitter machines are capable of producing superior quality of the slit coils with significantly higher levels of productivity. The capacity of the line ranges from 500 mm to 1800 mm (width) and 0.15 mm to 6 mm (thickness) in strips.

Component Machines
Cut to length production line is composed by coil car, double support uncoiled, hydraulic pressing and guiding, shovel head, pre-leveler, finish leveler, cut to length machine, stacker, accompany electric control system, hydraulic system, etc. as well as pendulum middle plate and steering device.
And slitter machine consists of coil car (one for uncoiler and one for recoiler), the uncoiler, coil sheet guider, leveling and pulling roller, pre-cutter, loop, and hydraulic system and electrical system, etc.

1. Cut to Length Machine
(1) This transverse shearing machine adopts compact structure and takes up small floor place.
(2) It employs centralized control with CNC control system.
(3) The uncoiler is equipped with disc brake, frequency changer and photo sensor so as to start and feed material blandly.
(4) Straightening rollers of cut to length are made of imported bearing steel, so they are of high hardness and good abrasion resistance.
(5) Max. line speed can reach 50m/min and max. cutting time 80 spm.
(6) Feeding direction can be set to longitudinal or transverse to save factory space.
(7) This cut to length machine is cost effective.
(8) Various thickness and width can be designed according to customers’ requirements.

2.Slitter Machine
(1) The slitting line we provide is highly automatic with computerized diagnosis, production control systems, management information and control systems.
(2) These lines can be designed on the basis of production capacity, high quality of slit product, automation level, and flexibility of operations and budget of the clients.
(3) The edge-trimmer heads can be inter-changeable with the slitter heads or can be built into dedicated edge-trimming lines.

After Sale Service
Conforming to international standard, defective cut to length or slitting line of poor quality can be replaced without extra payment. But normal wearing from natural working and negligence of proper maintenance and misuse are excluded.
Delivery Cycle: Within 45 to 60 days after deposit date.

Jiangsu Harmonious Eternity International Trade Co., Ltd. is a well-known supplier of metal forming machine in China. We provide various metal forming production line such as cut to length line (transverse shearing machine) and slitter machine (slitting line). The machine offered by us is in huge demand in the markets. Our commitment to you of attention to detail will guaranty your satisfaction to complete the sale and your continued satisfaction after the sale.