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Slotting Machine

Slotting Machine

A Slotting machine is kind of vertical plane machine. This slotter machinery is suitable for vertical plane active surfaces of pars and notch, etc. This machine tool is applicable for cutting a slot or groove in a hole and smoothing the surfaces respectively. The machine runs smoothly owing to its adoption of double shank mechanism. Motion of the working table is driven by electric motor. It has a pump for lubrication and cooling cutting tool and work piece.

Slotting machinery is applicable for slotting plane, molding surface and key grooves, etc. This slotter machinery for cutting metals can work within 10°slotting gradient. It is suitable for single or small batch production.

1. This slotting machine adopts hardened and ground gear and shaft.
2. This slotter machinery for cutting metals employs heavy duty ribbed cast iron structure.
3. Drum clutch is mounted on the machine for stopping ram at any poising.
4. One shot lubrication system is installed in the slotting machine.
5. Auto indexing and full auto control is optional and available.


Work Range B5020 B5032
Max. Slotting Length 200 mm 320 mm
Max. Dimensions of Work Piece (L × H) 485 × 200 mm 600 × 320 mm
Max. Weight of Work Piece 400 kg 500 kg
Max. Cutting Force 5500 N 7500 N
No. of Strokes per Minute 32, 50, 80, 125 ,r. p, m 20, 32, 50, 80 r. p. m
Vertical Adjustment of Ram 230 mm 315 mm
Inclination of Ram 0 to 8° 0 to 8°
Distance between Tool Holding Surface and Column Front 485 mm 600 mm
Max. Tool Shank Size (W × H) 25 × 40 mm 25 × 40 mm
Table Diameter 500 mm 630 mm
Distance between Table Surface and Low End of Ram 320 mm 490 mm
Max. Longitudinal Travel of Table 500 mm 620 mm
Max. Cross Travel of Table 500 mm 560 mm
Range of Table Longitudinal and Cross Power Feeds 0.08 to 1.12 mm 0.08 to 1.12 mm
Range of Table Power Feeds 0.052° to 0.783° 0.052° to 0.7893°
Power of Rapid Drive Motor 3 Kw 4 Kw
Rotating Speed of Main Drive Motor 1430 r.p.m 960 r.p.m
Overall Dimensions (L × W × H ) 1945 × 132 × 1980 mm 2290 × 1525 × 2285 mm
Weight (Approx) 2400 kg 3500 kg
Model BC5050
Max. Slotting Length 500 mm
Table Diameter 1000 mm
Cross Traverse of Work Table 660 mm
Longitudinal Traverse of Work Table 1000 mm
Max Weight of Workplace 2000 kg
Distance between Tool Holding Surface and Column Front 990 mm
Range of Ram Adjustment 430 mm
Distance between Worktable and the Lower Side of Side 740 mm
Inclination of Ram Head (Left or Right Directions) ± 10°
Number of Ram Strokes (per Min) 9,12.5,18.25,36,50.
Longitudinal and cross Feeds of Worktable (mm .per Ram Stroke) 0.1,0.2,0.3,0.4,0.6,1.2 mm
Rotary Feeds of Worktable (Min per Ram Stroke) 3`,6`,9`,12`,18`,36`dr/per
Max Cutting Force 16000 N
Rapid Traverse Motor 1.5 Kw 1440 r.p.m
Main Motor 7.5 Kw.1400 r.p.m
Coolant Pump Motor 0.125 Kw 2800 r.p.m
Net Weight of Machine (Approx.) 10.3 t
Overall Dimensions (L × w × H) 3480 × 2085 × 3307 mm

Jiangsu Harmonious Eternity International Trade Co., Ltd. is a specialized supplier of slotting machines for cutting metals. To make this indispensable slotter machinery easily available to our clients, we supply such machine tools in bulk amount. Fabricated with cutting-edge technology, these slotting machines are widely accepted for their optimum performance.

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