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Surface Grinding Machine

Surface Grinding Machine

Surface grinding machinery, also known as surface grinder, is kind of machine used to process precision ground surfaces to a critical size or applicable for surface finish. It is ideal grind machine for metal processing. This metal grinding machine consists of an abrasive wheel, a chuck and a rotary table and so on. It can be equipped with optional accessories as well, such as parallel wheel dresser, magnetic separate coolant unit, etc. The metal materials can be fixed with a chuck when the surface grinding machinery is being operated on. The rotary table transverses longitudinally and across the face of the abrasive wheel. And the wheel rotates in the spindle head and its height is also adjustable. This surface grinder is employed for metal working, automobile and motorcycle spare parts processing, machine tool building and ship building and more.

1. The surface grinding machinery adopts well designed structure with pleasing appearance.
2. The surface grinder features sturdy construction and good working performance.
3. This metal grinder is resistant to corrosion.
4. The grind machine is of unmatched quality.
5. This surface grinding machinery has long and trouble free operating life.
Packaging: Veneer Case


With ten-year experience, Jiangsu Harmonious Eternity International Trade Co., Ltd. offers surface grinding machinery (surface grinder) for sale in China. We are striving to develop progressive metal grinder machines for surface grinding through these years. With strict quality control and proficiency in such metal grinding machines, we are holding the competitive edge and prosper in the industry. Furthermore, we are a service-oriented company always pursuing the satisfaction of our customers. For more information about our surface grinding machinery, please visit our website and contact us directly.

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