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Universal Knee Milling Machine

Universal Knee Milling Machine

Universal milling machine is also known as universal knee mill machinery. It consists of optional accessories such as vertical milling head, dividing head, rotary table, machine vice and milling chuck, etc. This milling machine can be applied to process various plane, inclined plane, grooves and holes in various industries, such as machinery manufacturing and molding, equipment, automotive, motorcycle and other industries.

1. This universal milling machine features high rigidity.
2. The universal knee mill machinery is capable of heavy load cutting and large amount cutting.
3. It has achieved ISO9001 and CE Certificate.
4. This milling machine is a type of universal milling machine.
5. The universal knee milling machine has been designed and improved by introducing advanced techniques at home and abroad on the basis of 6R series.

Parameters of Universal Milling Machine

Specifications Units X6140 X6132
Table Size mm 1700 × 400 1320 × 320
Number/Width/Distance of T-Slot mm 3-18-90 3-18-70
Max. Load of Table kg 800 500
Longitudinal Travel (Manual/Auto) mm 900/880 700/680
Transverse Travel (Manual/Auto) mm 315/300 255/244
Vertical Travel (Manual/Auto) mm 380/360 320/300
Cutting Feed Speed mm/min X, Y: 23.5-1180, Z: 8-394
Rapid Feed Speed mm/min X: 2300, Y: 2300, Z: 770
Spindle Speed Range r.p.m. 30-1500 30-1500
Spindle Speed Step Steps 18 18
Distance between Spindle Axis and Table Surface mm 30-410 30/350
Spindle Motor Power Kw 11 7.5
Overall Dimension mm 2556 × 2159 × 1800 2294 × 1770 × 1720
Machine Weight kg 3850 1650

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