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Universal Radial Milling Machine

Universal Radial Milling Machine

Radial milling machine is also known as universal mill machinery. It is equipped with swing arms at the top of the lathe bed. And the milling heads are mounted on one end of the arm. The swing arm can rotate and move within certain horizontal plane. And the milling heads can achieve certain rotary angle on the end surface. This radial milling machine can be applied in various fields, such as drilling, milling and boring, etc. This universal radial mill machinery has reasonable construction and superior functions like drilling, boring, milling of plane, inclined plane and slot. The radial milling machine is equipped with rotary table and head, hardened and ground table surface and rectangular table guide ways and so on. Three types of such universal mill machinery are available, X6332B, X6332C and X6126. And their specifications vary accordingly.

1. Radial milling machine is of high quality. We adopt the best raw material.
2. Universal radial mill machinery occupies large market shares.
3. This milling machinery features high performance and easy operation.
4. Radial milling machine is stable and rigid.
5. This mill machine has a beautiful appearance.
6. Universal radial mill machinery has superior functionality.
7. This milling equipment is available at a low price.
8. Radial milling machine has long service life.


Specifications X6332B X6332C X6126
Spindle Taper (mm) 7:24ISO40 7:24ISO40 MT4, R8, ISO30, ISO40
Distance from Spindle to Table (mm) 150 to 490 150 to 490 20 to 310
Distance from Spindle to Column (mm) 200 to 550 200 to 550 240
Spindle Speeds(r.p.m) (20 step) 78-6980 (V), 400-1300 (H) 60-2600 (8 Step) /40-1800 (8 Step)
Table Size (mm) 1250 × 320 1250 × 320 1000 × 260
Table Travel (X.Y. Z) (mm) 800/300/350 800/300/350 600/230/450
Main Motor Power (Kw) 3.7, 2.2 3.7, 2.2 1.5
Overall Dimension (mm) 1700 × 1520 × 2260 1700 × 1520 × 2260 1200 × 1100 × 1850
N.W./G.W. (kg) 1550/1750 1650/1850 900/1000

Jiangsu Harmonious Eternity International Trade Co., Ltd. is a famous supplier of milling machines, like radial milling machine (universal radial mill machinery), vertical knee milling machinery and universal swivel head milling equipment, etc. We deal with one of the most premium range of universal radial milling machines and supply to our valued clients and customers. As these machines are manufactured with the best raw materials and the best infrastructure under the certified banner of one of the top most manufacturers, we ensure our customers that these radial milling machines work in the most adverse conditions without ever compromising in its performance and long lasting working life.

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