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Universal Swivel Head Milling Machine

Universal Swivel Head Milling Machine

Universal swivel head milling machine is kind of horizontal universal compound milling machine. This milling machinery can be applicable for horizontal and universal milling during once clamping. Such universal swivel head milling machine can be used to plane, groove, drill and bore different metal steel, cast iron and non-ferrous metals. And this milling machinery is widely used in all machinery and mold industries. In general, this milling machine is suitable for machinery, light industry, instrument, motor, electrical appliance and moulds, and widely used in machining of plane and arbitrary angle plane, and slotting, drilling, reaming and boring etc.
It adopts rectangular table guide ways, which endows the machine with high stability. It adopts 18 gear transmissions with a wide and variable speed range, so it has a wide range of processing range. It can do 360 degree rotation in both directions. The milling machinery has a hardened and ground table surface and can realize automatic feeds on X and Y axis and motorized lifting and falling of table on Z axis.

1. This milling machinery is characterized by good performance and accuracy.
2. The universal swivel milling machine can run at high speed.
3. It is safe and easy in operation.
4. This milling machinery features good rigidity and high precision.
5. Arrow diagram is an optional accessory.


Model Units X 1450
Table Taper mm ISO 40
Max. End Milling mm 25 (Vertical Mill) 100 (Horizontal Mill)
Swivel Angle Milling Head   ± 360°
Range for Spindle Speed mm 36-1600 (Vertical Mill) 40-1300 (Horizontal Mill)
Distance from Spindle to Table mm 360
Table Size mm 1250 × 360
Table Travel (Xx Yx Z) mm 1000 × 300 × 350
T-Slot (Number-Width-Distance) mm 3/14/70
Main Motor Power Kw 3
Overall Dimension mm 1470 × 1670 × 1850
N.W./G.W. kg 2450/2650
Specifications Units X 6432
Table Size mm 1320 × 320
Table Travel mm 1000 × 300 (Manual)
Number/Width/Distance of T-slot mm 5-14-63
Spindle Taper ISO40
Distance from Spindle Nose to Table Surface table surface mm 220 to 660
Distance between Spindle Axis and column surface mm 100 to 600
Distance from Horizontal spindle axis to table surface mm 0 to 440
Max. Vertical Milling Dia. mm 25
Spindle Speed Range r.p.m. 45 to 1660 (V) 40 to 1300 (H)
Swivel Angle of Swivel Head 360°
Spindle Motor Power Kw 3 (V/H)
Overall Dimension mm 2020 × 1710 × 1994
Machine Weight kg 2100

Jiangsu Harmonious Eternity International Trade Co., Ltd. is a professional provider of milling machinery.Our proprietary designs and exacting manufacturing specifications insure that every universal swivel head milling machine we sell meets or exceeds our customers’ needs and expectations. We have our own inspection quality control so as to ensure its top quality. For detailed information about our milling machinery, please visit our website and contact us directly.

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