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Vertical Knee Milling Machine

Vertical Knee Milling Machine

Vertical milling machine is ideal processing equipment for machine manufacturing, mold, instrument, automobile, motorcycle and other trades. As a kind of universal milling machine, this milling machinery is used for cutting metals, conventional milling, compound-angle milling, drilling, jig boring and other milling applications. The machine cylinder mill, round piece mill, shape mill and end mill can be installed on the conical hole of main pivot of the vertical milling machine. And users can select universal dividing head (a special auxiliary) to process groove of thread.

1. This milling machinery adopts 2-HP motor and a gooseneck lamp to shed extra light when working on the base and frame of a heavy duty cast iron and other work pieces.
2. Vertical milling machine employs high precision-ground vertical and cross ways to process work pieces.
3. Milling machinery can realize one-shot lubrication and milling head micro-feed.
4. Head tilts to 45° both ways. 45° rotation is available on horizontal surface.
5. Built-in work light, tapered roller and class 7 spindle bearings are installed on the mill machine.
6. Vertical milling machine features lower noise and convenient operation.


Specification Units X5050 X6150 X5040 X5032
Table Size  mm 2000 × 500 2000 × 500 1700 × 400 1320 × 320
Number/Width/Distance of T-Slot  mm 5-18-80 5-18-80 3-18-90 3-18-70
Max. Load of Table  kg 1500 1500 800 500
Longitudinal Travel (Manual/Auto)  mm 1530/1520 1530/1520 900/880 700/680
Transverse Travel (Manual/Auto)  mm 360/345 360/345 315/300 255/240
Vertical  Travel (Manual/Auto)  mm 630/610 630/610 385/365 350/330
Cutting Feed Speed  mm/min X,Y: 16-800 Z:1000 X,Y: 23.5-1180, Z: 8-394
Rapid Feed Speed  mm/min X/Y: 3000 : Z:1000 X: 2300, Y: 2300, Z: 770
Spindle Speed Range  r.p.m. 45 to 1800 45 top 1800 30 to 1500 30-1500
Spindle Speed Step  Steps 17 17 18 18
Spindle Travel  mm 90 90 85 70
Max. Swivel of Spindle   ± 45° ± 45° ± 45° ± 45°
Distance between Spindle Nose and Table Surface  mm 95 to 725 10 to 640 130 to 515 60/410
Spindle Motor Power  Kw 15 15 11 7.5
Overall cm 255 × 320 × 234 225 × 320 × 210 255 × 215 × 232 229 × 177 × 196
Machine Weight  kg 5200 4600 4250 2800

Jiangsu Harmonious Eternity International Trade Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of milling machinery in China. We are engaged in vertical milling machine, head mill machine, CNC milling equipment and knee mill machine, etc. We provide specific machinery and complete equipment for kinds of industries, such as light industry, metallurgy industry, chemical industry and other metal processing industries. If the clients are interested in our vertical milling machine, please contact us.

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