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Vertical Machine Center

Vertical Machine Center

Vertical machine center (VMC) adopts fixed column structure and rectangular work table. Vertical processing center often has three rectilinear motions coordinate axis, X-axis, Y-axis and Z-axis. A rotary table can be mounted on the worktable along the horizontal axis so as to process spiral parts. This vertical machine center is applicable for milling, drilling, reaming, boring, tapping and counter sinking valve type work pieces, etc. Besides, this vertical processing center can be used in many fields and industries, such as automobile industry, motor cycle industry, machinery manufacturing, sewing machine industry, motor industry, and instrument industry. What’s more, the vertical machine center can machine complex shapes like 2-dimension or 3-dimension concave/convex moulds and cavities. The vertical processing machine is either suitable for multi-product small/medium patch production or mass production when fitted to a production line.

Types or Series
Vertical machine center has two series products, VM series and XH series.
VM series includes VMC650, VMC850B, VMC1060B and VMC1270. This series working center is full functional small vertical gantry machining center. This series processing center are extensively applied for machining plate, disc, box, frame and modules, etc. in automobile industry, air plane industry, printing and packing industry, textile industry, Petroleum and Chemical industry and train industry.
XH series vertical machine center consists of XH714, XH7132/XH7132A and XH7125. This vertical processing center adopts CAD (computer aided design) drawings. And with resin bonded sand casting technology, the basic parts are made of high quality gray cast iron. The guide ways is located after grinding and heat treatment with PTFT (polymer thin film transistor) on the surface. The main structure is motor transmission spindle, so the spindle can get high speed and reduce noise and shaking. This series vertical machine center employs Taiwan high speed and high precision spindle 8000 rpm and famous umbrella type tools magazine 16 stations. Besides, this vertical processing center is equipped with high lift pump, FANUC 0i mate-MD and RS232 communication interface. It can be widely used in mechanical industry, moulds industries and other industries for machining plate-type parts, disk parts, case parts and moulds, etc.

VM Series features high rigidity, high capacity, high accuracy, high speed, high efficiency, high reliability, large torque and wide machining range.
1. The extraordinarily large work cube and small footprint can optimize shop floor utilization. This is the most unique feature of VM series vertical machine center.
2. VM series offers the best solution to the machines’ occupation of space and the work kind that the spindle bearing can handle in the industry.
3. Adopting such vertical machine center can save technical equipment, shorten production preparation time, ensure product quality and improve productivity.
4. The control system is equipped with robust conversational and NC programming tools. This provides the shop with options on how to best approach a particular part and numerous other process automation software options to get the fastest cut with the best quality.
5. Options and accessories (both hardware and software) are easily “plug and play,” so they can be added to the VM machines at any time.
6. With the latest technology and automation, the VM series vertical machine center is a great replacement for older VMCs and knee or bed mills.
7. Vertical processing center are independently certified with CE certification by UL, CSA and NFPA 79.
8. It is cost-effective. And the low base price makes the VM Series the most reasonably priced machining center in its class.

XH series vertical machine center is characterized by its super rigidity, high speed positioning accuracy and good stability, wear-resisting, press-resisting, and capability to anti-twist and anti-bend.
1. This series vertical processing center adopts closed cover, fully enclosed cabinet, making it safe and beautiful.
2. The width line rail for 3-axis of X, Y, Z,can ensure the working rigidity of the machine and running accuracy.
3. The work piece can be clamped on the vertical machine center at one time to finish milling, drilling, boring and reaming machining, etc.

Parameters of VMC650, VMC850B, VMC1060B and VMC1270

Specifications Units VMC650 VMC850B VMC1060B VMC1270
Table Table Face (W × L) mm 420 × 800 500 × 1050 600 × 1300 700 × 1360
T-Slot (Number-Size × Space) mm 3 to 18 × 135 3 to 18 × 150 5 to 18 × 120 5 to 18 × 152.5
Permissible Load kg 600 600 800 1000
Spindle Spindle Taper Hole / ISO 40 ISO 40 ISO 40 ISO 50
Spindle Motor (Cont./15min  Overload) Kw 5.5/7.5 7.5/11 7.5/11 11/15
Max Spindle Speed r/min 8000 8000 8000 7000
Stroke X-axis Right and Left Stroke mm 650 800 1000 1200
Y-Axis Back and Forth Stroke mm 400 500 600 700
Z-Axis Up and Down Stroke mm 480 550 600 600
Distance of Spindle Nose to Table Face mm 80 to 560 105 to 655 180 to 780 150 to 750
Distance of Spindle Center to Column Way mm 480 550 655 785
Feed X/Y-Axis Rapid Traverse m/min 12 16 20 20
Z-Axis Rapid Traverse m/min 10 12 15 15
Max Feed Rate mm/min 10000 10000 10000 10000
Magazine Capacity of Tool Magazine pcs 16/20/24 16/20/24 16/20/24 16/20/24

Parameters of XH714, XH7132/XH7132A and XH7125

Specifications Units XH714 XH7132/XH7132A XH7125
Table Travel (X, Y, Z) mm 650 × 400 × 500 620 × 350 × 500 400 × 240 × 400
Table Size mm 900 × 400 920 × 320 600 × 250
Number/Width/Distance of T-Slot mm 3-18-130 3-14-85 3-14-75
Distance from Spindle Nose to Table Surface mm   120 to 620   100 to 600   60 to 460  
Distance from Spindle Axis to Column Guide Way mm   510   395   325  
Rapid Feed Speed m/min 18 18 6
Feed Speed mm/min 2.5 to 4000 2.5 to 3000 2.5 to 3000
Taper of Spindle   BT40 BT40 BT30
Spindle Speed Range rpm 40 to 6000 60 to 6000 60 to 6000
Spindle Motor Power Kw AC Servo 3.7/ Frequency 5.5 AC Servo 3.7 AC Servo 3.7
Tool Magazine Capability QTY 16 16 10
Max. Weight of Tool kg 8 8 5
Max. Dimension of Tool mm Φ 120 × 200 Φ 120 × 200 Φ 92
Positioning Accuracy mm ± 0.015 ± 0.015 ± 0.015
Repeat Positioning Accuracy mm ± 0.0075 ± 0.0075 ± 0.0075
Overall Dimension mm 2120 × 2150 × 2290 2020 × 1970 × 2160 1650 × 1600 × 2000
Machine Weight kg 3300 2750 1530

Jiangsu Harmonious Eternity International Trade Co., Ltd. is a famous supplier of various vertical machine centers in China. We supply and export a quantity range of vertical processing centers. Our machines are subdivided into VM series and XH series. Each series has its unique features and special parameters. With ten-year experience in trading vertical machine centers, our vertical processing center has been exported to more than 40 countries or regions such as German, USA, Canada, UK, Poland, Spain, Netherlands, Denmark, Greece, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Indonesia and Middle East countries etc.

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