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Welding Machine

  • ZX5 Series Welding Machine
  • ZX5 Series Welding Machine
    ZX5 series welding equipment is a substitute of AX series DC grid welder. It is widely used for any kind of welding rod to DC manual arc welding, especially for the alkaline welding rod to weld low carbon steel, low alloy steel and pressure vessel, etc. ZX5 series welding machinery is suitable for DC SMA/MMA welding with all kinds of electrode. This welding machine can ignite a...
  • WSE Series Welding Machine
  • WSE Series Welding Machine
    WSE welding equipment is a kind of AD And DC universal argon arc welding machines. WSE welding devices can process AC and DC TIG welding and welling and AC\DC pulse welding. They are applicable for stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel, copper and other non ferrous metals; and such WSE welding equipment is particularly suitable for welding aluminum and aluminum alloy prod...
  • WSM Series Welding Machine
  • WSM Series Welding Machine
    WSM welding machines consist of water-cooled torch and high duty cycle. It is suitable for welding operations in mass production. (WSM200 is excluded.) The WSM welding equipments adopt advanced technology and they are applicable for high quality welding, like TIG welding and MMA welding. Also, they can be employed to weld metals like stainless steel, c...
  • NBC Series Welding Machine
  • NBC Series Welding Machine
    NBC welding equpments are designed for continuous and spot welding. They are single phase, fan cooled and wire welding machine. They can compete with MIG-MAG welding accessories. They can process a wide range of materials such as steel, stainless steel and aluminum....

According to its materials, welding equipment can be subdivided into plastic welding machine and metal type. It adopts various technologies, such as ultrasonic wave, high frequency, plasma, electric type and rotary type and more. Such welding equipment is mainly suitable for a variety of acid or alkaline rod welding and fiber welding, etc.
Welding is a process to connect metal parts with various fusible alloys (tin soldering). The melting point of tin soldering is lower than that of the welded materials, so that the metal parts can finish welding through intermolecular combination without being melt.

1.The welding equipment features is high frequency, high efficiency and prominent saving effect.
2.This welding machinery is also characterized by good welding quality, deep pond, and high intensity.
3.This welding equipment is safe, stable and endurable. It can protect itself when it is over the rated voltage, current and rated temperature.
4.This welding machinery can automatically compensate itself when the electrode voltage fluctuates, or small arc and small spatter occurs.
5.Such welding equipment possesses good thrust adjustment and automatic hot pilot arc functions.
6.We have got CE certification and OEM is acceptable.

1.The welding equipment adopts advanced high power optical fiber transmission technology in China.
2.The performance of this welding machine can compete with international like products. And transfer process can be achieved.
3.This welding equipment selects imported optical fiber with stable energy, low fiber loss and large processing depth to diameter ratio.
4.Robots can be matched with the welding machinery so as to realize special welding and online production.
5.The welding equipment we provide is of high quality and competitive price.
6.Inverter machines for MMA, TIG, MIG, AIR PLASMA and STUD, etc. are available.
7.We provide various thyristor or transformer welding machines.

After Sale Service
One year conforming to international standard, defective welding equipment of poor quality can replaced with no extra fees. But normal wearing from natural working and negligence of proper maintenance and misuse are excluded.
Delivery Cycle: Within 45 to 60 days after deposit date.

Jiangsu Harmonious Eternity International Trade Co., Ltd. is a specialized supplier of metal forming machines in China. The metal forming machines we offer include welding equipment, cutting machine, shearing machine and plate rolling machine, etc. They are in huge demand in the markets for high performance. Our commitment to you of attention to detail will guaranty your satisfaction to complete the sale and your continued satisfaction after the sale. For detailed information about our welding machine (machinery), please visit our website and contact us directly.