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Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine

Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine

As a sort of roll forming equipment, Z purlin roll forming machinery is mainly used to produce various kinds of profiles and cold rolled steels with regular thickness in large steel structure workshops. It mainly consists of man-made uncoiler, roll forming machine, computer control system, hydraulic control system and press forming cutting.

1. This roll forming equipment is characterized by high performance in operation, maintenance, and debugging, with little noise.
2. Z purlin roll forming machinery, with Z-shaped roll forming mold of the section, possesses features of automatic fixed-length cutting and automatic punching.
3. The Z purlin steels produced by this roll forming equipment are of good bending and pressing resistance as well as good flatness.

Operation and Maintenance
1. Z purlin roll forming equipment is totally controlled by PLC. The user only needs to input the number of products, length and punching dimension, and other related production data.
2. If users want to adjust the machine or something else, firstly, they must stop the Z purlin roll forming machinery before carrying out relevant operations.
3. Regular lubrication for chain wheel, bearing and speed reducer of such roll forming equipment should be conducted carefully.
4. The forming rollers should be kept clean.

After Sale Service
One year conforming to international standard, defective roll forming equipment of poor quality can be freely replaced. But normal wearing from natural working and negligence of proper maintenance and misuse are excluded.
Delivery: Within 45 to 60 days after deposit date.


Thickness 0.3 to 0.8 mm
Speed 5 to 6 m\min
Roll Station 16 Stations (Depends on the Profile)
Main Power 4.4 Kw Servo Motor
Hydraulic Power 4 Kw
Control System PLC Panasonic
Drive By Chain

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